Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My WAHMderful Weekend Experience

My latest book's cover.

My WAHMderful Weekend started on October 26 when I first presented my hot-off-the-press book Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking to my family and friends. It was my eldest son's 5th birthday celebration, our house blessing and my impromptu book launch (because my printer delivered the books to our house during the party).
I almost could not believe my eyes when I first saw my book. Around nine months ago, it was just an idea in my head, an inspiration, a dream... That day, that idea, inspiration and dream was realized. I have given birth! Not to another baby but to another book!
I looked back at the past nine months or so and tears started to fill my eyes. It was not an easy WAHM journey for me. There were many times when I felt that not only was my plate full, I felt that some of my plate's contents were already spilling out. I had work-at-home projects left and right and there were also months when I worked outside the home to conduct workshops or gave talks weekly. I was doing all these while caring for my husband and kids, breastfeeding my youngest, homeschooling both kids and writing two books. Yes, you read it right! I wrote two books this year! One is an ebook (How to Have the Wedding of Your Dreams), which I give away for free in my other blog. There were many months when I had to do all these while we didn't have a maid. At some point, I thought and felt that finishing this book on breastfeeding would be impossible given my challenges.
I would usually turn to my husband, our friends in our Catholic community, my prayer warriors and my supportive friends which now include my new online friends from the Manila Work-at-Home Moms Facebook Group.
I remember sharing my concerns with these WAHMderful women who amazingly understood where I was coming from... I shared about my maid concerns, struggles with hyperactive kids and working late into the night just to write or finish some work and many more. I shared with them my joys and successes as well. They were very supportive and helpful! Our group/WAHMderful Community's founder, Martine, was right when she said that through this group/community, we have found our tribe. I'm so grateful that I was led to this community, this sisterhood of fellow work-at-home moms. I feel so blessed to be part of this awesome tribe!
Our WAHMderful Community at the WAHMderful Weekend.
It was also in this community where I found some of the moms who generously shared their breastfeeding success stories in my latest book. They are Cai Sio, Nina Antonio-Misa, Sorayda Honey Agarrado, Ven Avante and Yolly Mae Hortillosa. I have yet to meet these wahmderful sisters of mine in person but their stories have already touched my heart. I believe that their breastfeeding success stories will bless and inspire more moms. 
Exuberant because of my newest baby.
With our Community founder,
Martine de Luna.
Thus, I felt that it was fitting to present my newly-published book at the WAHMderful Weekend held at SM Aura's SMX Conventions Center last October 27. Martine, Ginger and Patty of Manila Workshops were so gracious to accommodate my almost last minute request. Since the WAHMderful Weekend is a celebration of a WAHMderful year that was for us WAHMs in this community, I felt that celebrating my latest achievement as a WAHM with them was timely. Below are some photos of me and my latest book with my fellow WAHMs at the WAHMderful Weekend.
With my WAHMderful sisters, Tina Rodriguez and Rigette Osoteo,
who won copies of my book as part of the raffle.
Tina helped me edit parts of my book.

Met Tine Barrios for the first time. She's one of the moms who contributed
her story in my book. She also attended the WAHMderful Weekend.
I was also privileged to be one of the huddle up guest experts. I shared tips and strategies to the group of WAHMs who chose to learn more about Time Management. I was very happy to share with them my time-tested worksheets and strategies and to give them hope that it's possible to live a WAHMderful life even in our busyness as WAHMs.
With my small group of WAHMs sharing about Time Management.
With the speakers and other huddle up guest experts.

I was affirmed that I have made the right choices through the talks that we listened to. (To find out more about what were discussed and what other things happened during this learning event and celebration, click here and here.) I felt even more exuberant after the whole day event! Most of all, I was happy to finally meet in the flesh the WAHMderful moms that I get to exchange ideas or comments with in our Facebook Group.
And as a bonus, I met a fellow WAHM who is now a reseller of my latest book - Geraldine/Ging Goco of GPG Bulilit Bookstore.
It was truly a WAHMderful weekend for me and I look forward to more WAHMderful interactions with these WAHMderful sisters of mine!
To my sisters in our WAHMderful Community, cheers to all of us and our endeavors!

Note: Special thanks to MRLightworkz Photography for most of the photos I used in this post.

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