Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking

Giving Birth Again 
I' have given birth again to a new "baby!"  Not to a bouncing little boy, like my two boys now... but to a new book about another phase in my life. 
This book concept has been conceived in my mind more than two years ago after I successfully breastfed my eldest son for two years.  He is now over four years old.  I spent my first few years as a first-time mom and a stay-at-home mom reading a lot of books about babies, family and parenting.  It was also around that time that my love story was published in the book 40 Stories of Finding Your One True Love by bestselling author and lay preacher, Bo Sanchez.  This, together with some of the baby books and parenting books I read, inspired me to come up with a book for breastfeeding moms where moms from all walks of life who have successfully breastfed their children will share their testimonies.  Aside from being inspirational, I envisioned it to be informative and helpful both for moms who will breastfeed for the first time and those who are still investigating breastfeeding.  So, I thought of discussing as many issues as I can in this book relevant to the experiences of moms who have courageously taken this path.  So, I started to organize and jot down my ideas and set things in motion to turn my vision into something tangible -- another book about another phase in my life which I entitled Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking. 
A lot of the materials in this book were articles on breastfeeding that I have written for my blog.  I have decided to put them together, modify and expound them as needed to become a book I could bless the world with. 
Let me share with you my objectives for coming up with this book project. 
Through this book, I want to:
·         inspire more moms, especially Filipinas, to breastfeed their babies.
·         help educate more Filipino women on the benefits of breastfeeding.
·         help more Filipino babies and mommies to be healthy.
·         assure moms who are considering to breastfeed their babies that it’s possible to breastfeed and achieve their breastfeeding goals whatever circumstance they find themselves in through the stories of the featured moms in the book.
·         equip and empower moms who have made the decision to breastfeed by providing them a simple manual that can help them get started.
·         support breastfeeding moms who have bravely taken on the challenge to breastfeed their babies by letting them know that though it’s natural to encounter challenges along the way, they can succeed if they persevere and get help from the right people.

Here is my vision for this book. 

This book will help increase the number of moms in the Philippines who will try to breastfeed and take on the not-so-easy but rewarding task of nursing their babies.  It will be a preferred breastfeeding book for being a source of inspiration to many breastfeeding moms in the country.  It will be a book that many breastfeeding moms would read repeatedly throughout their breastfeeding journey and where they will find, every time they read it, their much needed encouragement to persevere in their goal to give the best milk to their children during the first months or years of their lives.  This book will inspire moms from all walks of life to give the best milk, their own milk, to their babies. 

I once heard Bo Sanchez talk on significance.  He said that significance is helping others to become successful after you become successful yourself.  That’s one of my goals. I want to help other breastfeeding moms to achieve their breastfeeding goals.  I want to share with them my breastfeeding story and the stories of other moms who have successfully breastfed their children; so that through these stories, other moms would be inspired to persevere in their breastfeeding journey. 

I was blessed to have met other breastfeeding moms who have walked this path and I'm excited to share their stories on how they have struggled along the way and how they have succeeded in spite of all the challenges they faced.  My hope and my prayer is that readers can find at least one story in this book where God would touch their heart, move them, and inspire them to give breastfeeding their best shot.  At the very least, I hope and pray that after reading this book, they would give breastfeeding a try.    

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 says, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Compassion and God of all encouragement, who encourages us in every affliction, so that we may be able to encourage those who are in any affliction with the encouragement with which we ourselves are encouraged by God." 

That is exactly my goal for this book project! I want to pass on the encouragement I have received from God during the times that I have experienced difficulties in breastfeeding; as well as the encouragement I received from friends who have lovingly and faithfully supported me in my breastfeeding journey.  

I pray that this new "baby" of mine would fulfill what I have envisioned it to fulfill by the grace of Almighty God! 

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In the News:
Here are some book reviews:

It was extraordinary from the breastfeeding books I've read as most are technical -- always focused on the 'how to and what not' principles.  Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking by Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag has a holistic view. More than the basic principles, it is a spiritually-driven breastfeeding book! She draws inspiration from her spiritual belief and to me that is a salient ingredient for the success of most nursing mothers.  I salute her for passing the culture of success from one mom to another through this book!

Joyce Ann Martinez, RN, MSN, CLC, IBCLC
Registered Nurse
Master of Science in Nursing, Major in Maternal and Child Health
Certified Lactation Counselor by the USA - Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice

Currently Medela Mom's Inc. In-House Lactation Counselor

Former Lactation Nurse Manager of St. Luke's Medical Center Global City - Lactation Unit

Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking is definitely a book that is worth reading for any breastfeeding or expectant mother. Teresa inspires readers with her own breastfeeding journey: her perseverance, strong faith and unwavering love for her children made her overcome the challenges she encountered. She imparts helpful and practical tips from breastfeeding positions to nursing wear and even collaborated with other mothers to share their own breastfeeding stories. All breastfeeding mothers can certainly relate to this book. I've already kept a copy in my clinic for all my patients to read.   
Jamie Isip-Cumpas, M.D., IBCLC
Pediatrician and Lactation Specialist
Consultant, Lactation Unit of The Medical City
Breastfed all her three children
As its title suggests, this is not just a typical “Breastfeeding 101” book.  It gives the readers more than the ABC’s; it makes readers understand that breastfeeding is much more than lactating; it shares the reasons why like every decision we make in our lives, breastfeeding is a journey that we must travel with purpose, with resolve and our hopes bright and high. 
Read the complete review by Amihan Mabalay-Cornista here.
Contributing  Writer, Philippine Online Chronicles

Pinoy moms will find this book on breastfeeding relatable and essential.

Breastfeeding: A Journey Worth Taking is deliberately formatted to make reading easier for busy moms. The third part of the book is arranged in such a way that moms can easily find ‘role models’ in breastfeeding, regardless of whether they’re a stay-at-home mom, work-at-home mom, a mom working outside the home, or a mompreneur.

Read the complete review by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez here.
Contributing Writer, Smart Parenting Online and Smart Parenting Magazine
 Copy Editor,
Editor-in-Chief, Mustard Magazine
Contributing Writer, Baby Magazine
Featured Blogger,
Author of the Blog Truly Rich Mom
Breastfeeding and Homeschooling Mom

I am thankful that Teresa thought of writing this book. It is just pure inspiration for moms who really plan to breastfeed for the first year/s of their child's life. I recall turning to Google for answers that I needed when it came to breastfeeding, but with this book, you get so much more. You get to read not only the technicalities and the straight-forward facts, but you also get a glimpse into the life of REAL women; women who have experienced the same situations and problems. They share not only facts, but even what they felt during these experiences.
Read the complete review by Ginger Arboleda here.
Breastfeeding Mom
Blogger at, and
Mompreneur behind Manila Workshops and Kooky Loopy
Freelance Writer

I love how she connected God with her journey and it made me realize that being able to breastfeed is a blessing. This inspired me even more to breastfeed and share what I have with my baby.
Read the complete review by Daniel Kaity Bato here.
Breastfeeding Mom
Author of the Blog Snap.Play.Love.

Breastfeeding Friends Circle or BFF Circle
In line with this new book project, I've decided to form a support group/community for breastfeeding moms where moms can find encouragement, inspiration and support through friendship with other breastfeeding moms and other moms who have successfully breastfed their children. I called it BFF Circle or Breastfeeding Friends Circle.

In this community, we:
·         are moms who are currently breastfeeding, pregnant moms who plan to breastfeed, or moms who have successfully achieved our breastfeeding goals.
·         Encourage, inspire and support fellow breastfeeding moms. 
·         share about our current breastfeeding challenges and get support, understanding and encouragement from fellow breastfeeding moms. 
·         share about the breastfeeding goals we have achieved and how we were able to overcome our breastfeeding challenges in the past. 
·         rekindle old friendships or build new ones as we share our breastfeeding journey with each other. 
·         help other moms in whatever way we can so that they too can overcome their breastfeeding challenges and achieve their breastfeeding goals. 
·         share about our latest discoveries on breastfeeding. 
·         share our joys and memorable breastfeeding bonding moments with our child/children. 
·         honor, value and esteem breastfeeding moms for the sacrifices they make for their children and families. 
·         learn from each other’s experiences and advice on breastfeeding.
·         seek answers to our questions by sharing articles and books about breastfeeding and by asking experts to answer our questions.
·         do not judge other breastfeeding moms on how they choose to achieve their breastfeeding goals. 
·         believe that there isn’t one formula to succeed in breastfeeding a child because each mom and child is uniquely made by God.
·         support breastfeeding as an advocacy and invite other moms who haven’t tried it to consider and try.

Support with IntegrityLeave a comment or email me at if you are interested to join our support group/community.

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