Friday, September 18, 2009

Buy 1, Take 1 Baby Wipes

I got excited when I saw buy 1, take 1 baby wipes by Baby Company one time while we were doing our grocery. I thought it was a good buy considering that at a cheaper price, it gives more pulls; so I bought it immediately. I’ve tried many wipes in the past – Chubs, Giggles and Johnson’s to name a few. Baby Company was my latest find. It didn’t prove to be a better choice though. The sheets were very thin almost see through and they were also narrower. I used up the two cylinders very fast because I had to use more wipes.

So far, Johnson’s baby wipes are still the best. They are thicker and wider making it more efficient. With just a few pulls, you’re done with the baby clean up. The big pack I buy lasts for two weeks which makes it good for our budget. I saw another brand of baby wipe the other day in a magazine. I have yet to try it. This one is from Nivea. But until then, I’d stick to Johnson’s.

Since I’m already preparing for my son’s first birthday and I’m making the loot bags, I’ve decided to reuse/recycle the old containers of Baby Company baby wipes. I printed Madagascar characters on sticker paper and turned the old container into Yanthy’s coin bank. At least I have put it to good use still even though I was dissatisfied with its contents. That way, I am also able to teach Yanthy the concept of saving money and recycling.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Celebrating 11 Months of God’s Faithfulness

Yanthy turned 11 months yesterday and God overwhelmed me with countless things to be thankful for. My heart was filled with praise for Him. He didn’t only answer almost all of my prayers to Him; He also gave us many unexpected blessings.

First and foremost in my list of answered prayers is protection for Yanthy. My son is a very active baby. He’s not yet a toddler but he behaves like one. A lot of people in the airport and in the province mistook him for more than one year old when we had our first family vacation. He kept running around and danced whenever he hears fast tunes or whenever he is asked to dance. Since he started walking, I have been very concerned that he might bump his head or sustain injuries. I thank God that sends guardian angels to protect us including my son. Yanthy wasn’t spared from bumps; but, amazingly God has protected him from getting sick or injured. He would just cry a bit and then after you pick him up, he would smile and resume playing.

I also thank God for blessing Yanthy with good health and the right height and weight. There was a time (Yanthy’s first trimester) when he gained weight very slowly. But since his weight gain picked up around four months old, he has steadily put on the right weight and height for his age. I thank God that he has not developed any allergies even though he has already taken in a lot of solid food. I thank God that I’m able to provide extra protection and nourishment to him through breastfeeding. I thank God that in spite of Yanthy’s very athletic nature, he continues to have the right weight.

I thank God that Yanthy continues grow to be an intelligent baby. We noticed that he has good memory. He’s quick to remember things that we’ve taught him. He has already recognized and remembered the faces and names of his first cousins as well as other immediate relatives. If you ask him where his cousin, uncle or grandparents are, he would readily point at them. He knows how to take off his own clothes and diaper. He also helps me out when I dress him up. He knows where the bathroom is and walks towards the bathroom when you say that it’s time for his bath. At 11 months also, he has spoken some words which pleasantly surprised us. One time, while I was giving him mashed banana and telling him what I was feeding him with, he said, “Banana.” Then, a few weeks ago, while my mother was changing his diaper, he said, “Lolo,” while pointing to my father who was lying in bed at that time. Of course, my parents were very happy to hear and witness that. He also remembers how his grandpa laughs. When you ask him how his grandpa laughs, he would gamely mimic it. He also imitates us whenever he hears anyone in our household cough.

I’m grateful too that Yanthy is a very sociable child. He is very friendly and readily smiles or waves to say “hi” or “bye” to the people around him. He isn’t afraid to make friends with other kids. Yanthy is very sweet and affectionate, too. He likes to kiss me and his Daddy. He likes to embrace us and cuddle with us.

Most of all, I’m grateful that Yanthy has learned to pray with us. Whenever we say it’s time to pray, he puts his hands together right away. Most of the time, he also claps after putting his hands together as if praising God. He already knows how to raise his hands to praise God. He remembers where Jesus’ pictures or images are in our house. He pays attention when I read the readings and the reflections for the day to him.

I am amazed at how God has enabled me and George to raise this beautiful, smart and healthy baby. We hardly knew anything about raising children but God has enabled us by giving us wisdom and guidance. He has blessed the works of our hands and provided for our material needs. Although initially we thought that we were not ready to have a child, God proved to us that we already are because of His graces.

I thank God for the past 11 months that He has given us so much joy and fulfillment through our son, Yanthy. Truly, every good and perfect gift is from above and Yanthy is one perfect gift to us. I praise and thank God!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raising a Son, Raising a Saint

September 8, 2009 was a memorable night for me. I gave a presentation to the Singles for Christ group in Surigao City. I have already made a number of presentations/talks in the past when I was still single but this one was extra special. What made it extra special? First, it's Mama Mary's birthday. Second, it was my mother-in-law who recommended me to the SFC leader to give their members an inspirational talk. Third, my husband, son and mother-in-law were there to witness it and to show their support.

But before I was able to write my presentation, I had some challenges. I had little sleep during the past nights leading to my presentation. I was very busy preparing for my niece/godchild's debut party wherein I was the emcee, packing our things for the trip and finalizing the details of my son's first birthday party. Then, on the night before my presentation, I had very little sleep because my son, Yanthy, kept crying for the most part of the night. He was able to sleep only after my husband and I decided to pray over him. I thought that God must be preparing something great for my presentation that's why the enemy is doing a lot of things to distract me and hinder me from preparing well for it. Good thing, I still woke up feeling good and excited to do my assignment from God.

I acknowledged how unworthy I am to be His messenger and how little my time was to write the details of my talk. I prayed for inspiration. As expected, inspiration filled my mind and I was not only able to finish writing my talk, I was also able to make a Powerpoint presentation. My husband and I even had time to attend Holy Mass.

We arrived just in time for the prayer meeting. The Music Ministry was playing some songs... fast worship songs. And since one of my son's favorite past times these days is to dance and clap, he danced and clapped his heart out to the tune of the worship songs being sang. I felt so good watching him. Even if I wanted to use the extra minutes before my talk to review my notes, I couldn't help but watch Yanthy with joy, pride and wonder.

Then, the prayer meeting started. Yanthy prayed with us in his own cute ways. He put his little hands together as if saying "amen" and then he clapped and danced again. Later, after my talk, my husband said he clapped with the crowd as they applauded me. And when I had picture taking with the sisters as I signed some books, Yanthy also gamely posed with us.

I was very happy with the result of my presentation and dialogue with the brothers and sisters from Singles for Christ. I felt honored and privileged to be God's voice to them last night. I felt so blessed to be His messenger. It also felt so good to be one with my family in ministering to God's people. It was another dream come true.

This morning, Yanthy delighted me once more when as he woke up, he raised his hands again as if praising God and then he put his hands together as if reminding me to pray. So, I gladly led our family to our morning prayer.

I thanked God for answering my prayer regarding my presentation. I thanked him for our family. I thanked Him for many wonderful things, all the blessings that He has given us. I thanked Him for the privilege of being a parent, a mother, of the opportunity of raising a son, a saint. For more than serving as an inspirational speaker wherever God calls me, I know that my greater call is to inspire my son and mold him to be the best that he can be. I pray that I'd do really well in this God-ordained assignment.

TG :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thankful for the Inconveniences

I was exchanging thoughts and experiences with another mom last week and it just dawned on me how grateful I am for the inconveniences in my life right now because of being a mom.

Here’s a list of the many things I’m thankful for:
1. I’m thankful that I grow tired most of the time running after Yanthy as he walks and runs around the house trying to grab as many things as possible as he passes by. George says I really need to exercise; otherwise, I won't be able to keep up with Yanthy. Amazingly, it seems that my baby doesn't get tired; or maybe, I get tired easily. I’m thankful that there’s a little boy in the house who sometimes drives me nuts of the mess he makes whether he’s playing or eating. You see, I like the house spic and span. If the judge says, “Order in the court,” well, I say, “Order in the house.” But with Yanthy around, it's hard to always put things in their proper places because he scatters things around. He is so curious! He likes to inspect every nook and cranny. Then, I just remind myself that my baby is a healthy little boy. Actually, he's a very intelligent boy. His curiosity and energy shows that he is developing very well.

2. I’m thankful that going out of the house is always a momentous event because I need to prepare so many things before we can leave. I need to go through the baby’s things and make sure we bring with us all that he needs while we are out. Going out with Yanthy seems like our family is always going on a field trip or picnic. My consolation here is that I have a child to share my experiences with.

3. I’m thankful that I sometimes wake up in the wee hours of the morning to nurse the baby or change his diaper. At least I don’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen to prepare formula milk because I am still able to breastfeed him. Also, this doesn’t happen every day that he wets his diaper or he wakes up due to a wet diaper at an unholy hour. He sometimes sleeps through the night and wakes up around 5:30 or 6 AM and that’s when we change his diaper.

4. I’m thankful for the inconvenience of having to think of ways to breastfeed discreetly when out of the house and in a public place. I’m thankful that there are already nursing stations in some malls and for nursing covers. I’m thankful that until now, at 10 months old, I’m still able to breastfeed Yanthy.

5. I’m thankful that I’m not as “glamorous” and “gorgeous” as when I was still childless. I have been accustomed to having cereal, milk, spit up, food, drool, etc. spilled on my clothes nowadays. Yanthy also likes to pull my hair even if I tie it into a bun on top of my head; thus, my hair is like our house usually in disarray. He also sometimes scratches my face which aggravates my skin problem (pimples!). I’m just grateful that taking care of him makes me more beautiful inside.

6. I’m thankful that my back sometimes aches because of carrying Yanthy. There are times when he simply wants to be carried by me. Well, at least, I have a baby who loves to hug mommy and be hugged back by me. I’m thankful I have a child I can shower with my loving touch all day and all night long.

7. I’m thankful that I get sweaty the whole day playing with my active little boy and taking care of him, making me change my clothes several times during the day. I’m grateful that I have a child to play with and take care of.

8. I’m thankful that I get tired planning, organizing, sourcing and coordinating for his first birthday party because that means we’re celebrating a milestone in my baby’s life. I’m thankful that we have some money to make it extra memorable and special.

9. I’m thankful that I sometimes get frustrated and angry because it reminds me how limited I am and how dependent I am of God’s grace. I’m thankful for the times that I discover my weaknesses and areas for improvement.

10. I’m thankful that I need to learn a lot of new things and make a number of sacrifices as a parent. I thank God for stretching my capacity to love and be generous. I thank Him for encouraging me and helping me open myself to change and to accommodate another beautiful person in my life, my son.

Being a mother and raising kids can be very challenging, to say the least. But I also read in one of the books of the Bible that women are saved through motherhood. I think I understand now what that means...

Yanthy challenges my patience and understanding. What can I do? He's just a child. Even if I get angry because the house is in disarray, he won't understand that yet. To him, it's fun to explore. Almost everything to him is playing. It's his way to learn and grow. I need to be less controlling and let go being a perfectionist when it comes to maintaining the home. I need to open myself to his unique personality. Lately, it's quite difficult to feed him. He gets easily distracted. He also likes to play a lot so eating isn't as much fun as walking or running around. I also lose my temper every now and then when he doesn’t obey me or follow what I teach him to do or not do. I’m very grateful that God's grace sustains me and brings me back to my senses every time. Although Yanthy is quite a handful, I'm grateful I have him in my life right now. I remember when I was still single and having problems with my polycystic ovaries. I used to wonder if I’ll ever bear a child and experience motherhood. Today, those thoughts, wishes and dreams have become reality. I thank God for the gift of motherhood, for the opportunity to love and give beyond what I thought were my limits.

Cheers to all mothers!