Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raising a Son, Raising a Saint

September 8, 2009 was a memorable night for me. I gave a presentation to the Singles for Christ group in Surigao City. I have already made a number of presentations/talks in the past when I was still single but this one was extra special. What made it extra special? First, it's Mama Mary's birthday. Second, it was my mother-in-law who recommended me to the SFC leader to give their members an inspirational talk. Third, my husband, son and mother-in-law were there to witness it and to show their support.

But before I was able to write my presentation, I had some challenges. I had little sleep during the past nights leading to my presentation. I was very busy preparing for my niece/godchild's debut party wherein I was the emcee, packing our things for the trip and finalizing the details of my son's first birthday party. Then, on the night before my presentation, I had very little sleep because my son, Yanthy, kept crying for the most part of the night. He was able to sleep only after my husband and I decided to pray over him. I thought that God must be preparing something great for my presentation that's why the enemy is doing a lot of things to distract me and hinder me from preparing well for it. Good thing, I still woke up feeling good and excited to do my assignment from God.

I acknowledged how unworthy I am to be His messenger and how little my time was to write the details of my talk. I prayed for inspiration. As expected, inspiration filled my mind and I was not only able to finish writing my talk, I was also able to make a Powerpoint presentation. My husband and I even had time to attend Holy Mass.

We arrived just in time for the prayer meeting. The Music Ministry was playing some songs... fast worship songs. And since one of my son's favorite past times these days is to dance and clap, he danced and clapped his heart out to the tune of the worship songs being sang. I felt so good watching him. Even if I wanted to use the extra minutes before my talk to review my notes, I couldn't help but watch Yanthy with joy, pride and wonder.

Then, the prayer meeting started. Yanthy prayed with us in his own cute ways. He put his little hands together as if saying "amen" and then he clapped and danced again. Later, after my talk, my husband said he clapped with the crowd as they applauded me. And when I had picture taking with the sisters as I signed some books, Yanthy also gamely posed with us.

I was very happy with the result of my presentation and dialogue with the brothers and sisters from Singles for Christ. I felt honored and privileged to be God's voice to them last night. I felt so blessed to be His messenger. It also felt so good to be one with my family in ministering to God's people. It was another dream come true.

This morning, Yanthy delighted me once more when as he woke up, he raised his hands again as if praising God and then he put his hands together as if reminding me to pray. So, I gladly led our family to our morning prayer.

I thanked God for answering my prayer regarding my presentation. I thanked him for our family. I thanked Him for many wonderful things, all the blessings that He has given us. I thanked Him for the privilege of being a parent, a mother, of the opportunity of raising a son, a saint. For more than serving as an inspirational speaker wherever God calls me, I know that my greater call is to inspire my son and mold him to be the best that he can be. I pray that I'd do really well in this God-ordained assignment.

TG :)

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