Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Man Behind the Fulfillment of My Dreams

When I was still single and unattached, I dreamed of becoming a full time housewife someday. I dreamed of having lots of time to take care of my own children and to manage the house. I dreamed of having ample time to build a happy and beautiful home for my future family. I dreamed of continuing my service to God through my talents even after I get married. I knew very well that for those dreams to come true, I need to first find a mate who would be willing to help me fulfill those dreams.

Then George came along. We started as co-servants in our Catholic community. Then we became close friends and eventually got married. I didn’t recognize in him right away all the qualities that I was looking for in a mate. But I was glad to discover little by little what an amazing and wonderful man he truly is. Just before our wedding, he shared with me that he was inspired by the role of St. Joseph in Mother Mary’s life and he felt that he was being called by God to follow St. Joseph’s example in our relationship. I was very happy when he shared this with me because God wanted me to choose a mate with the qualities of St. Joseph. I felt that at that moment, God affirmed my decision to marry George.

This afternoon, almost two years since we got married, I felt a surge of happiness and fulfillment in my heart after I finished reading Kerygma magazine’s October 2009 issue. I was particularly struck with the article entitled The Power of Prayer and Service Together by Brother Bo Sanchez. I could not pinpoint what moved me from Brother Bo’s article but somehow, I just felt so grateful to God for the life that I now live and for the husband He has given me who makes it possible for me to live the life of my dreams.

After reading the article, I started thanking God for my special privileges now. I thanked God that I could stay home and take care of our son full time. I thanked God that my husband and I agreed that it would be best for our family if I stopped working full time so I would have ample time to manage our home and teach our child. I did not marry a millionaire or a man who had a lot of money in the bank or in stocks. (He’s still working on that.) But I’m glad I married a man who is very responsible, hard working and who had a strong faith in God. We both recognized and believed that with this decision, we are honoring our God-ordained roles in our marriage. We also claimed in faith that because God led us to this decision, He would provide for all our needs.

I thanked God that I now have a lot of time to read the books or literature that I want. I thanked God for the luxury of choosing the projects or work that I would accept and spend time on. I thanked God for the opportunities He has brought my way for me to use the gifts He has blessed me with. And I thanked Him once more for giving me a husband who supports me in my desire to serve.

Behind the scenes of the life of my dreams is a man who humbly accepted his God-ordained role… a man who patiently and joyfully makes sacrifices daily for the woman and child whom he loves. To this wonderful and loving man I say, “Thank you very much, Sweetheart, for enabling me to live the life I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you for choosing to be a part of it.”

And to the Man behind all my great and marvelous experiences, I say, “Thank you for everything, Lord! I pray that by your grace I would be able to continuously live my life for you.”

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