Friday, July 19, 2013

"Umbrella, Mommy!"

I was closing our gate and was about to lock it when suddenly I heard my little boy run towards me while carrying one of our umbrellas. He said, "Umbrella, Mommy! It's hot!" Then, he raised his hands as he held on tightly to our umbrella trying very hard to give me some shade.
That was yesterday after I ordered some water.
Today, he did it again after I threw the trash outside.

I couldn't help but smile. I thank God for blessing me with a child who shows genuine concern for the people around him. I say this because he shows concern not only for family members but even for others.
One time, he got worried upon seeing the dark clouds outside the window. He said, "Mommy, I think it's going to rain. Teacher might get wet in the rain."
He was worried that his teacher who goes to our house would get wet when it rains. He said this because there were times when his teacher forgot to bring her umbrella and my eldest son would remind her about it.
Sometimes, he would call his Dad in the office when he sees that it's raining. He would ask if his Dad brought an umbrella with him.
He's such a sweet boy!

Then, my thoughts turned to God... how God is genuinely concerned not only for our health or comfort but moreso for our happiness.  There are times when we are not aware that God's "umbrella" is already over our heads to shield us as much as possible from whatever that can hurt us. Sometimes, we are so engrossed with whatever we are doing that we fail to notice how God is shielding us from more discomfort or hurt.

Today, God used my eldest son's kind gesture to remind me again (just like in the First Reading and my reflection yesterday) that He is always watching us and His helping hand is ever ready to reach out to us whenever needed.

Are you currently under the "heat of the sun?" Can you pause to turn around and see if God is using someone to hold an umbrella up for you? When you notice that person or those people, take time to smile and thank them for bringing God's love and concern. Then, enjoy the sunny day!


  1. It could be he is playing, BUT you can't teach a child to care unless he has it in him. You are blessed to have such a wonderful child. Yes, yes, and more yes, I agree, we as parents teach them to care, among other things, but it has to come from within.

  2. Wow what a sweet child! He's concerning about his teacher and in general the people around him. That's a blessing! Loved to read this!

  3. It's amazing how a single act of a little boy asking for an umbrella inspired you. Life really likes to let its punches roll. Sometimes you think you're safe, but then you realize you're also vulnerable. It helps to really have a lot of people to connect to during the hard times. They are my umbrellas.

  4. A lady once saw me very close to tears - it was shortly after my mum passed away - I was walking to the train station and stopped to just collect myself and I must have looked really sad and lost because she came up to me and said "Whatever is wrong honey - don't worry - you are secure, safe, and protected under the Lord's umbrella". I will never forget her. Reading this story and how your child is so affectionate to others and thinks of others too just brought that memory back for me. Thank You

  5. He's such a cutie! I imagine how great it is to see your kids growing up to be good persons. I think that's the best sign of raising them well. Congrats xx

  6. Awww! Such a cute boy. You're lucky to have such an adorable kid :) Good values like caring for others should be developed, I believe, when kids are still young. Growing up, such values would always be instilled in them :)

  7. I've been through a lot of problems in my life and I personally want to thank God for being there with me all the time and so as for giving my son with me whom I can always lean on in both bad times and good times. Of course, my family as well.

  8. Your son is such a sweet baby! He not only worries for his mama but also for his teacher. Grabe! Cute lang talaga. So thoughful ❤️ And i love his umbrella.

  9. You've been blessed with such a caring and loving boy. I may not have a sibling but surely, he is and will be a great and protective brother to his siblings.

  10. Aw , how sweet is that ! And sun protection is such an important issue ! How great that your little treasure now already cares! Your children are so sweet , what a cute little family you have got . Nice post , enjoyed that !