Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Books for the Coming School Year

I was very happy yesterday when I went to the Book Sale again.  While George and Yanthy were in the grocery buying our supplies for the week, Mateo and I were at the Book Sale nearby to search for good books for our home school.

These are the books I found.

Help Me Be Good books

Each book was only P65 and all of them were new and in good condition.

I'm very grateful to God for leading me to the Book Sale again yesterday.  I know deep in my heart that it was the Lord who disturbed me from my computer chair yesterday so I would go to the mall with my husband and eldest son.  He had a purpose for leading me back there.  He wanted to help me mold my son's character through these books.

I was also happy to find a copy of the highly recommended book Harold and the Purple Crayon.  We even had a bonus treat because the book I found was a compilation of the four books on the adventures of Harold and his purple crayon.  It was even on hard cover and it only cost us P140!
book front cover
book back cover
Aside from these books, my husband also bought two books for our eldest son on sight words and addition and subtraction.

I praise and thank God for affirming the inspiration and leading I got for our home school this school year.  Even before we bought these books, we were already thinking of focusing on these things this school year:
  • values formation
  • mastering reading through sight words and phonics
  • writing
  • music

 So excited to use them! 

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