Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Being an Ordinary Witness

I got my copy yesterday of Kerygma Magazine's December issue.  One could easily say that it's an advance copy since we are still in the month of November.  I think that it's arrival yesterday was perfect timing though. Why? I think it's timing is perfect once more because I needed to "hear" God's message to me through Bo Sanchez's editorial.
Let me quote some lines that Bo shared which had a big impact on me yesterday:
Through this story (referring to the announciation), God is telling you to say yes to Him, too.  Even if you think you're ordinary.
God deals with you not based on your history but on your destiny.  He relates with you not based on who you are now but who you will become.
So even if you think you're ordinary, say yes to Him.
Here's a fact: All new things start with a yes.
A new... project or ministry or service or blessing or miracle doesn't start unless you say yes.
You don't go into a new level in your life unless you say yes.
These words from God through Brother Bo are very timely for me because I have started working on a couple of projects which I realized recently are much bigger than what I originally thought them to be.  I was humbled to think that I'm just an ordinary lady/mom wanting to share the little that I have or the limited skills that I have to bless the world in my own little way.  Thus, upon realizing God's amazing hand in all my current endeavors, I praised and thanked God for choosing an ordinary lady/woman like me to be part of His plans.
Today, I woke up with another inspiring message in my desk calendar placed on top of my computer table in my home office.  It's a verse from Acts 22:15.
"For you will be a witness for Him to all men of what you have seen and heard."
It was inspiring but I did not realize it's entire meaning until I started receiving messages in my inbox from people I do not know.  As of this writing, I have already read five messages from five different people thanking me for the reflection I wrote for Didache today (All for Christ).  Amazing!  It was the verse coming alive in my life today! Praise and glory to God!  This has happened before in my previous reflections published through Didache but the timing of these messages today and the verse in my desk calendar make them extra special.
I guess God wants to affirm me and give me confidence in continuously saying yes to Him and all the assignments He sends my way although sometimes I feel I am not worthy or my skills are inadequate for the work or project ahead.  May I keep in mind that God enables those He calls and that I will be working on these projects with the grace and strength of Christ.
May the Holy Spirit guide and inspire me as I witness to people far and near.


  1. Thanks for sharing your reflections......

    To God be the highest Glory. Amen.

    1. You're welcome, Elsa. I'm simply doing what God has called me to do and as a grateful response to God's goodness in my life. Glory to God!