Thursday, March 21, 2013

My One Month Storybook Assignment

I had a headache yesterday and the other day.  I suspect that it was partly because of the summer heat and partly because of the stress of needing to finish one of my manuscripts soon... and soon means end of this month.  That's part of taking God's Word to heart and acting on it as I heard it during the Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit. Apart from that, I'm scheduled to give a talk also to single ladies this Saturday afternoon.
One of my partners in one of my book projects asked me before if I can write one children's story in a month.  We want to launch three children's stories and he was thinking that maybe I can write one in the next three months.  I really laughed the first time I heard it and told him that it usually takes months to write a book.  Some even take years.  But I said that I'll think and pray about it.  Then, came the Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit.  It was just the start of the program and one of the emcees shared with us (participants) that he is launching his book that weekend -- a book that he wrote within one month.  He shared how  his co-author asked him to write his manuscript in one month also.  He was also surprised when he heard this but took on the challenge.  And they launched it that weekend in the Wealth Summit.  Wow!
I was struck because I felt that God spoke to me through him.  I felt that God just issued me an order and affirmed me that it's possible to write a book in one month.  I definitely could not do it on my own especially since I'm not really an experienced author.  This is also my first time to write a children's storybook!  So, I'm doing two things that I've never done before with this project.  I chose to believe however that what is impossible for me is very possible for God.  So, if God wants me to do this, I'm confident that He will enable me to accomplish this.  I know that it was God who led me to this project.  I know that He made a way for me to be involved here because He wanted to use me.  All I need is to rely on Him to supply what is lacking in me.  My battlecry therefore is this: I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength.

I'm almost done reading the book that our emcee and speaker authored.  It was a great book! Very inspiring!  I hope to write something good and inspiring as well within this month of March.
I found inspiration and encouragement in this episode of Preacher in Blue Jeans which I watched today.

Paolo exhorted the viewers to have confidence in themselves and in God.  Just the perfect message for me today when I'm feeling not so confident.  I'm on my fourth draft now of my manuscript and I choose to offer to God this work of my hands.  I gave myself until Sunday to work on it.  I have also decided to focus on preparing for my talk tomorrow afternoon until Saturday morning.  As Paolo said in the video, "one project at a time."
Working on these projects and assignments can be tiring even when all these are related to my passions.  What keeps me going is the confidence in my heart that it was God who placed these desires in my heart and who led me to these projects.  Most of all, I'm confident that God who called me and anointed me for these tasks will be my wisdom and strength. 

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