Saturday, August 1, 2015

On Learning New Things for the Ones We Love and Last Call for the H.O.P.E. Summit

My eldest son loves to play the piano. He taught himself to play the piano. He could play by ear once he becomes familiar with a tune or a song. He started doing this when he was 5 years old. Just before his sixth birthday last year, he accomplished his goal of learning how to play the songs usually sang in the daily Masses in our parish. His dream is to one day serve as pianist in our parish so that there will always be music during daily Masses. It makes him sad when there is no musician who can accompany the choir or congregation in the singing of songs.

Aside from playing Mass songs in the piano, he has also learned other songs... classical music, worship songs, nursery songs, the Philippine National Anthem and recently Brahm's lullaby.

He learned how to play nursery songs in the piano even though he was no longer fond of singing these songs because he wanted to teach these songs to his younger brother Mateo who is a toddler. He learned to play the minuet by Bach and Brahm's lullaby because he wanted to play soft music that can lull his baby brother Geordan to sleep.

For my 40th birthday celebration at home, I planned to have a time of prayer and worship with my closest friends. I asked him if he can learn to play a worship song for me so that he can accompany us during the prayer meeting. Days before my party, he started learning it. Then, he played it during the actual celebration. He amazed not just me and his Dad but even our guests!

This boy is consumed with passion in learning the pieces that he needs to learn to accomplish his goals. He sometimes spends hours just tinkering with our piano and watching YouTube videos just to become familiar with the songs he wants to learn. He keeps on trying and practicing until he learns the piece.

This boy is passionate to learn new things because of the people he loves: God, his brothers, his parents.

When I became a mother, I realized that many of the things I used to do and love doing are things that I can no longer do often. One of these things is conducting trainings and workshops. So I searched for other ways to express and practice what I love doing, which is sharing my knowledge and expertise to help people grow and reach their goals and dreams.

I learned new skills also like blogging, publishing, internet marketing, social media management and marketing, running an online business and e-commerce.

I spent countless hours reading as much material as I could lay my hands or eyes on and watching webinars and videos that enable me to learn and grow in these areas.

Just like my eldest son, I was passionate to learn in these areas and to acquire these new skills because of the ones I love... my children and my husband.

I knew that learning these new skills would enable me to spend more time at home with them while still contributing to the family income.

Learning new things is not easy. It's challenging. It can be frustrating sometimes.

But it's also fulfilling especially when you start practicing or using the new skills that you've learned.

I love seeing the look on my eldest son's face whenever he tells me that he has learned a new piece.

He proudly plays his new piece to us and he would do it repeatedly demonstrating his new skill with greater confidence each time. He is so full of joy as he plays the songs that he has mastered for the object of his affections.

I am also filled with joy whenever I learn a new skill and I am able to use it to accomplish tasks faster or I am able to earn through them.

Do you also want to learn new things and acquire new skills so that you can become more hands-on with your children and have more time to bond with them while earning money for your family?

I invite you to JOIN US on August 8 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the AVR of Teltech Building, Boni Avenue, in Mandaluyong for the Hands-On Parents while Earning or H.O.P.E. Summit. Click here to join the event and to get updates on what to expect. It's a whole day workshop where you can learn new things and skills that can help you to become a better parent and move closer to your financial goals without sacrificing your relationship with your kids.

It will be a day of learning and networking with other parents who have the same goals and who have been successful in their chosen niches.

You can even bring your kids with you since we will have a kids' room during the event. All my kids are coming with me actually.

There will be booths where you can shop for books, toys and other learning materials.

You can win exciting prizes also during our raffle. There are also freebies for all workshop participants!

It's exactly a week to the H.O.P.E. Summit! You can still buy your ticket to attend this life-changing event! Hurry! We only have limited seats because of the capacity of the venue.

See you at the H.O.P.E. Summit on August 8! Together, let's learn new things and grow for the ones we love!

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