Monday, August 17, 2009

Being a Prophet

"How can we fulfill our Christian duty to be a prophet?,” asked the catechist leading the baptism seminar for parents and godparents of children who would be baptized that day. My first thought was to spread the Word of God by words. It thus struck me to be reminded by the catechist that to fulfill our duty of being a prophet, we need to be good examples through the lives that we live. Just like what St. Francis of Assisi said to his disciples, “Preach the Good News… use words when necessary.” The seminar at my son’s baptism last December 7 gave me a timely reminder. I surely miss giving sharings and talks to Christian groups since I got pregnant and was on bed rest until now that I need to stay home to take care and breastfeed our newborn child. Lately, I’ve been asking God how I could continue fulfilling this call to be His prophet in my current state of life. I’m glad that God answered me through that seminar.

Actually, I think it’s easier to be a prophet through our words; but, it’s much more difficult to do so by living our lives according to God’s will for us. I have been trying to do this for many years now but I still continue to struggle every now and then. Living holy lives and being good examples for others to follow is indeed a tall order or difficult call from the Lord; but, it’s not impossible to do because of the graces that He makes available for us. I’m really glad to be reminded of this now that my primary responsibility and call is to be a good wife and mother. I’m also happy to read a confirmation of this message in one of the devotionals that I use: “There’s no greater ministry than that of being a mother.” I may not be busy now serving in different ministries in the community or in the parish but I’m happy to realize that I’m still busy serving the Lord and fulfilling my Christian duties in different ways. I don’t know when I’d be able to do the things I used to do to serve God again. But, I certainly pray that I would do well in this new ministry that He has given me and follow the example of Mary.


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