Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Rewards as a Fulltime Stay-at-Home Mom

My husband and I brought our baby to his pediatrician last Saturday morning and we were delighted to find out that he is gaining weight very well. In fact, he has already more than tripled his birth weight which is expected to happen around one year old. He just turned 9 months last July 15. We were also very happy to find out that he is growing very fast in physical and motor development as well as in cognitive development. His doctor says he’s quite advance for his age. The baby books I read also confirm this. Yanthy is already doing a lot of things that baby’s older than him are doing. There are a lot of milestones for one year olds that he is already able to do. He continues to amaze me! I can’t help but be amazed with God also who knit him together in my womb. It’s truly amazing how wonderfully made we all are!

I remember how strong Yanthy’s neck was as a baby. He could already hold his head up at 2 months old. And the first time Yanthy crawled. I was about to change his wet diaper when he suddenly turned to his tummy and crawled fast. He was only 3 months old then. He started to drink from his sipping cup on his own at 5 months old. And while I fed him his first solid food, he tried to grab his spoon from me and tried to feed himself. He has very good hand and eye coordination. He first sat up and tried his first steps at 6 months old. He learned to support himself by holding on to the railings of his crib. As soon as he learned that his crib or Mommy and Daddy’s hands can help him hold himself up, he started exploring his crib and our house. Soon, he was cruising along his crib and our furniture. He keeps on jumping for the most part of the day showing his excitement for all the things he’s beginning to learn and master. At 7 months old, he surprised me by saying “momma”. After a while, he learned how to say “daddy”. At 8 months, he busies himself dropping his toys from his crib or high chair while waiting for Mommy or someone else to pick it up for him, playing peek-a-boo, waving bye-bye, clapping his hands, banging objects as he listens to the sounds that they make, standing and sitting down, kneeling, wrestling his bolster pillows and throwing them outside his crib, walking in his crib, in our bed and around the house and the neighborhood, climbing his crib, biting and chewing almost anything, reading books (turning pages and literally devouring them) and “conversing” with Mommy. He sometimes grabs the handles of our closets and opens them, removes his shoes and socks and makes sounds as if singing with the songs being played. It’s a joy listening to him as he babbles and attempts to communicate with us. I started teaching him the alphabet at 8 months old. I bought him a Little Genius alphabet book and flash cards as my 8th month birthday gift to him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would learn it soon. He knows how to pay attention when I read to him and teach him. He sometimes reads with me the readings for the day and the daily reflections from my devotionals when I have my prayer time in the morning. I’m happy to familiarize him and get him into the habit of praying daily even as a child. I want him to live up to his name – Timothy – which means to honor God.

These are my simple joys and great rewards as a fulltime stay-at-home mom. It’s tiring and challenging a lot of times. It can be routinary and exciting at the same time. But as I look at my baby and see how strong, healthy, happy and intelligent he is, I can’t help but praise God for the precious opportunity He has given me to witness Yanthy’s milestones firsthand and to focus on motherhood at this time of my life. Last July 8, I read a wonderful and encouraging message from our Christian desk calendar. It said, “If you are a mother, you don’t need to worry about looking elsewhere for service for God. Motherhood is your service.” I completely agree! Especially now that my child is still a baby, I’m certain that I am in my rightful place. I have made it my goal to raise not only a well-rounded, healthy and intelligent child; but also, a saint in his own right. I pray that I would be a godly mother so as to help God shape him into the person that God wants Him to be. To God be the glory!


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