Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Improve Family Relations and Family Time and How to Ensure Family Times Happen

Family members are getting busier and busier by the hour. So I made another list for our family to help us build strong family relationships and to help us achieve our goals as a family. You might want to adapt some of them if you think they would help your family also.

1. Make a family calendar of activities for the year.
2. Protect it from being crowded or bumped off by other activities.
3. Plan tasks and schedules in advance.
4. Remind each other.
5. Make a family countdown to big family events.
6. Involve everyone as much as possible in the planning and preparation.
7. Book in advance (i.e. plane tickets, hotel reservations, movie or concert tickets, theater passes, etc.)
8. Schedule family meetings.
9. Plan goals for the year and per quarter.
10. Schedule quarterly and annual reviews.
11. Make it a habit to pray for family goals and concerns.
12. Include a lot of fun activities in the family calendar.

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