Monday, December 28, 2009

It’s Habit Forming

Repetition helps create habits. Consistent repetition definitely is habit forming. It amazes me to witness this happen on our baby. I still can’t get used to the fact that whatever I choose to do with him or to him daily have a big impact on how his character and personality would be formed. The other day, I noticed again some of Yanthy’s actions and behaviors. I noticed that every time we enter a room in the house, he runs to the electric fan to get the cord and he tries to plug it into the socket. Other times, he gets the aircon remote control and tries to turn it on. I run after him of course to snatch the cord from him and to tell him that Mommy will be the one to plug it and not Yanthy. I also noticed Yanthy getting the placemats one by one before meals and putting them with all his might on top of the table. He would even tip toe just to reach the top of the table. When it’s time for diaper change, he goes to the shelves where his diapers are kept and gets a diaper and wet wipes. Then, as soon as he lies down on the changing pad, he would raise his hands because that’s what I always tell him. Looking back, I realized that he has formed these habits because we have been doing them since his birth. He has been observant of our routines at home and now he remembers them.

Before bed, he also knows that we would read so he gets a book from the shelf. Most of the time, he gets The Going to Bed Book because that’s what we read to him before we put him to sleep. Other times, he gets his other books. Definitely, he remembers that we read before bed. But what is most striking is that as soon as we wake up, he remembers that it’s time to pray. It’s very touching for me to see Yanthy get up from bed in the morning and readily puts his hands together to pray. Then he waves to Jesus’ picture to say good morning. After that, he gets my devotionals and brings them to me. He is such a joy and a blessing to us because there are days when I rush to prepare breakfast upon waking up instead of heading to my devotionals to pray. I’m glad that as early as now, Yanthy is slowly but surely forming good habits.

Lately, he likes going to the shoe cabinet. That means he wants to get and wear either his crocs or shoes because he wants to go out and walk around in the compound. When he’s hungry, he knows where to get his biscuits or his Cerelac and water. When one of us mentions the word “call,” Yanthy rushes to the telephone or puts one hand on his ear to call. It’s funny because we sometimes get surprised that he has his hand on one ear and he’s talking as if on the telephone. He also knows how to turn on the tv manually or using the remote. He knows that before eating he will wear his bib and pray. He’s really like a sponge that absorbs many of the things he sees or hears around him. My husband and I need to be very vigilant with our words and actions for we have an observant and intelligent baby in the house. I don’t want that one day I would be correcting him for a bad behavior or word that he learned or picked up from us. Only God’s grace can enable us to be good role models to him. Just like what the priest said last night in his homily on the Feast of the Holy Family, my husband and I have been entrusted with this family by God. We need to be responsible parents to our child. God called us to start and raise a family because He believed in us. I hope that my husband and I would live out our calling according to His will and follow the example of Joseph and Mary.

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