Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Sweet Little Angel

I was burning with fever last Sunday after we heard Holy Mass. I went straight to bed, covered myself with a blanket and curled up like a cheese curl. My little boy was walking back and forth in our bedroom, glancing at me every now and then. Then, he walked towards the couch, got his sweater that was on top of it and walked towards me. To my surprise, Yanthy offered his sweater to me. I was so touched. Earlier that day, I told him that he will wear a sweater later when we go to the Medicard clinic at Festival Mall because it’s cold there and he still has colds. He must have really understood what I said because he doesn’t normally offer his clothes to me. He knows that after he takes off his clothes, he puts them in his hamper. This was actually the first time he gave it to me that’s why I know that he purposely gave his sweater to me because he saw that Mommy was feeling cold. What a sweet little boy!

I hope and pray he grows up to be a sweet young man – thoughtful, caring and sensitive to the needs of those around him. I can already see in my mind’s eye a picture of him putting a sweater on my rounded and frail shoulders in my old age; while my husband looks on with a smile on his face thinking, “What a wonderful man he has become.”

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