Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Grateful Beyond Words

My son, Yanthy, got a book from his shelf. In the process of getting the book that he wanted to read, another book fell on the floor. I picked up the book and decided to review it to check Yanthy’s progress. The book is about toddler development and I use it every two months or so to check on his milestones. I thought that last night was a good time to do so.

As usual, I placed check marks beside the milestones that Yanthy was already able to manifest; then, I scribbled some notes beside some of the descriptions to note specific accomplishments. I wasn’t surprised that Yanthy exhibits traits and skills advanced for his age (which is 19 months). I have long discovered (with the help of this same book and his pediatrician) that my son is a potentially gifted child. But last night, I was surprised that he was really way advanced than what I was expecting particularly in physical, mental and cognitive development. He was advanced by around 12 months! He was also advanced by around 3 to 4 months in the area of emotional development. Wow!

What struck me the most among his milestones were these two: first, he could name at least 18 of his body parts from head to toe; and second, he could speak at least 120 words and understand so much more than that. We find joy watching Yanthy identify his body parts every time he’s in the mood to do that. But it was only last night that I realized how smart my baby really is. That was when I read from the book that this milestone is usually done by toddlers much older than him. I was most surprised and actually amazed when I listed last night the new words that I hear Yanthy say as we converse with him every day. I thought they were just around 50 because 50 is quite a number already for children his age. But I went beyond that point as I continued writing. In fact, I stopped writing when I reached 120 words. I know that he speaks more than that and understand much more based on our interactions. I was already too happy and proud of my baby!

I think it’s important for stay-at-home moms like me to take time to pause from our busy schedules because those pauses enable us to smell the roses in our lives. Those roses can take many forms. As for me, it was discovering my son’s newest milestones last night. I felt rewarded for all my sacrifices and the many times I practiced patience towards my child as I taught him in the past 19 months. There’s this inexplicable joy in my heart for being the mother of this potentially gifted child.

Since I’m a stay-at-home mom, I got to witness almost all of Yanthy’s milestones. I said almost because there were a few occasions when I had to host an event or conduct a training program and Yanthy was able to accomplish some milestones during those times. Nonetheless, I would consider myself very blessed for I was able to observe most of my son’s development from the time of his birth up to present. Thanks to companies who hire consultants like me and to the internet that enables me to work from home. I’m able to practice my craft and at the same time devote much of my time to my most important priorities.

I pray that God would continue to bless my son and my efforts in raising him. I hope that I would continue to have this privilege of staying home most of the time so I can play a significant part in molding him and influencing his future. Lastly, I thank the Lord for the joys of motherhood that He allows me to experience and the grace He gives me continually each day to perform well this God-ordained duty.


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