Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mommy’s Me Time

The house is finally quite... with only the sound of the electric fan near the couch and the keyboard as I type my thoughts. I’m done cleaning the house, washing the dishes, bathing the baby and putting him to sleep.

Moms like me -- especially those who do not have maids or who do not have nannies – can be so wrapped up with countless tasks at home that we may sometimes forget to save some “me” time for ourselves. As I grow in experience as a full time mom, I have learned how important it is to carve out a “me” time for myself every now and then. I try to squeeze in something I like into my busy schedule everyday... something that renews me or invigorates me after the many tiring stuff I do at home. It can be as simple as browsing through my favourite magazines on parenting or interior design. It can be a quick shower or nap. Then, when our schedule permits, I try to do something that would require longer periods of time at least once a week. It also helps to have a spouse or a mom who pitches in every once in a while so that I can take some time to recharge.

Looking back, I have realized that no matter how simple or short a “me” time was, it always gave me greater strength to do more for my family. It gave me a greater sense of joy and peace. It restores me not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It empowers me to be more loving and caring. Oh, the wonders that a “me” time can do!

Here are some “me” time activities I do daily or weekly that enable me to be the superwife/mom that my family knows me to be.:) Hope my list inspires you to come up with your own list and to set aside time for yourself.

1. Reading the Bible and a devotional.
2. Having a quick, relaxing shower.
3. Listening to relaxing music.
4. Reading a book or magazine.
5. Writing.
6. Getting in touch with friends through phone or the internet.
7. Taking a nap.
8. Meditation.
9. Listing my to-do’s in my planner.
10. Planning family times.
11. Going to the salon for a haircut or pedicure.
12. Enjoying a home-cooked meal.
13. Doing an arts and crafts project.
14. Window shopping.
15. Shopping for small things that we need.
16. Reviewing my personal dreams and goals.
17. Meeting up with friends.
18. Watching a tv show I like.
19. Whipping up a fruit shake on a warm day/evening and enjoying every sip of it.
20. Planning home improvements for our condo and sketching my ideas.

Let’s take time to take care of ourselves so that we can do a better job taking care of those we love! Enjoy your “me” time, moms!

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  1. This is one of the most common problem with homemaker moms. Nicely you have planned to take out "me" time. :)

    You being a mom of a toddler I would suggest you to take the Caring For Toddlers test and find out how good are you at caring for toddlers.

    Best of Luck.