Saturday, March 10, 2012

Majority Rules

What is the rule of the majority? What does majority of us want? The majority rule is something that is relied upon most of the time in many groups and situations. But does the rule or vote of the majority always bring good results? Is the opinion of the majority always right? Many times, when we just let the majority rule without discernment, bad things happen.

Let me cite some examples.

When majority of the Israelites wanted to make an idol made of gold while they were in the desert and Aaron allowed himself to be overruled by the majority, the people sinned against God through idol worship. When majority of the Israelites complained against Moses and God and they blamed Moses for bringing them where they were at that time, which is the desert, they wandered in the desert for 40 years. Moreover, their wrongdoing affected not only majority of them but all of them and many generations after them. When majority of the sons of Jacob, Joseph’s brothers plotted against him, they sold their very own brother and caused much anguish to their father, Jacob. When majority of the tenants of the vineyard in the parable that Jesus told, killed the chosen stewards of the vineyard owner and the son of the vineyard owner, the vineyard was taken away from their hands. Why do you think did the vineyard owner do that? Is it right for vineyard owner to do such thing? Is it right for the tenants to plan the murder of the stewards the owner put over them?

Why did Joseph’s brothers plot against him? Let’s look closely at the story in our first reading today. His brothers were jealous and angry with Joseph because he was favored by their father. They envied him especially when Jacob even gifted Joseph with a beautiful coat. They got angry with Joseph when they learned of the prophecy Joseph received through his dream. They hated what the fulfillment of that dream meant to them. They do not want to be in that position of bowing down to their younger brother to happen to them in the future so to prevent that from happening, they planned to kill him.

Let’s now look closely at the Gospel parable. Why did the tenants in the vineyard plan to murder the stewards of the vineyard owner? What was their motive? And why did they murder his son as well? They wanted to be the ones in charge of the vineyard instead of the stewards. They wanted to be the ones who will enjoy the fruits of the vineyard and not the owner or his son. But did the owner let them after they have murdered his son?

What happened to the story of Joseph in the end? What happened in the vineyard in the end?

I am reminded of Romans 8:28 as I recall how this story ended and how this parable ended.

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

With whom can you relate in the story of Joseph and his brothers? Are you part of the majority? Can you relate with how they felt? Or can you relate with how Joseph felt? How about in the parable in today’s Gospel? Can you relate with the tenants? Can you relate with the stewards? Can you relate with the son of the vineyard owner?

Whether you are part of the majority or minority, ask God for the grace to accept His holy will. Ask him to help you deal with the challenges and questions you have in your mind and heart. If you are part of the majority, ask God for forgiveness for the evil things you are thinking against your “brother,” the “chosen stewards” and the “son.” If you are part of the minority, pray that God would help you see beyond your sufferings and pain. Ask Him to comfort you in your troubles. Ask Him to deliver you if it is His will. Ask him to sustain you and enable you to endure until the good that He has in store for you is brought to fulfillment. Ask God to give you strength and hope to hold on to the promise or prophecy He has given you. And last but not least, ask Him to give you grace to forgive all those who wronged you and caused you pain.

For though the majority rule wins in many occasions, in the end the vote of ONE always prevail. That ONE is capable of giving the best ending to your story.

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  1. I remember my dad used to say, if everyone in the world decided to jump out the tenth floor window, it would still be a stupid thing to do. I swallowed that philosophy, hook, line, and sinker, and trying to live by it made life hellish sometimes, but if hell on Earth means heaven afterwards, I don't mind :-)