Sunday, April 22, 2012

Claiming My Blessing!

“Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts?” – Luke 24:38

It’s amazing how this verse spoke to my heart again this morning. It was the featured verse in the
reflection today in Didache. Guess who wrote the reflection featured today… It was me! Ha! It’s both amusing and amazing how this same verse I chose and the very words I wrote around a year ago for Didache which was featured today spoke to me as I face my current challenges.

It’s so true that God’s Word always cuts through our hearts each time we meditate on it. I learned a different lesson before when I last meditated on it. Today, it cuts through my heart anew delivering a somewhat similar lesson but has a new application in my present situation.

The last time I reflected on the passage of the Walk to Emmaus, I was reminded of my experience as a single lady being surprised by God when He finally revealed to me the identity of my future bridegroom. As I recalled my experience, my thoughts and feelings at that time, God directed my thoughts to my present concerns particularly my prayer about the house and lot I’ve been praying for in years.

God was telling me this morning through the same verse not to be troubled and to recognize His hand in helping me and my husband find this property that we like. I had received many messages and passages from God in the past weeks about this property and He had been continuously encouraging me to keep believing that this is indeed what He wants to give to me and my family as our new home. He even used another reflection in Didache before wherein the title was
This Land is Mine. The writer in that reflection shared his story about how he and his wife were able to buy a property which initially they could not afford; but God, in His mercy and loving kindness, provided for them a means. I felt God speaking to me through their story.

Today, God commands me to let go of any doubts in my mind and to just have faith once more in Him. He used my very own reflection in Didache to convey His important message to me now as I face this new challenge in my faith. His question is: Will you believe again that even though you do not see yet or understand how you can afford it that I can give it to you? Will you choose to hold on to the vision even before it becomes a reality in your life? Those were the same questions God asked me when I was still single and waiting to find out who my future bridegroom would be. Those were the same questions in my mind when God told me that night that he wants me and my boyfriend to be engaged and get married soon. Today, He uses the same questions to me as He refers to the real estate property that my husband and I want to purchase.

I’ve realized as I meditate on these words and the Gospel today that sometimes when our prayers are about to be answered, our wishes are about to be granted, or our dreams are about to come true, we find it challenging to grasp and so we sometimes doubt that it is really happening to us. There’s a feeling or thought that something too good to be true is happening to us. And yet, it is true! It is actually happening because our God has made it happen! Our little minds could not fathom how God has made it happen at such a perfect time. Thus, God reminds us once more that “what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, what no mind has ever conceived is what He has in store for those who love Him and whom He has called according to his purpose.” (1 Corinthians 2:9)

God wows me again! He has wowed me before countless times and here He goes again! I simply can’t stop being in awe of Him and His wonderful works! Just like when I found myself hearing Fr. Jun Lingad, SDB read the verse in the Gospel years ago that led to my husband and I’s sudden engagement, I’m incredulous with joy again as I hear God speak powerfully and volumes to my heart these past weeks through Scriptures and many other means.

I had been telling myself and others before that I think one of the reasons that my husband and I could not find a buyer yet for our condo units is because we still have a mission in the place where we currently live. And that I believe we would be able to sell our units once our mission has been accomplished. We have accomplished our mission recently. The Liturgical Committee in our community has been organized and established. Structures and systems had been in place. Ministry Heads had been elected. There is a Music Ministry already when before we didn’t have a choir. The different things needed and used in celebrating Masses are almost complete through the generosity of our neighbors. There are now more volunteers who can serve in the Masses and other church-related activities. The Masses which were once a month before are now weekly. The Condo Corp. Board of Directors has approved the conversion of our clubhouse into a chapel. So many miracles already happened since we started. As I look back on God’s faithfulness both in big and small ways, I can’t help but be filled with so much joy because He has answered our prayers at every step of the way. A path has been paved where there was once none. Glory and praise to our God who made all things possible!

Today, I believe and know deep in my heart that God has already answered my prayer regarding the real estate property I’ve been asking from God. Like what God tells me through my desk calendar today, “Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) God encourages me to keep believing even though I do not know exactly yet how to pay for this property and where the funds will come from. He says further through my desk calendar: What you see with your heart today, you will see with your eyes tomorrow.

I choose to accept and embrace God’s Word to me today. I choose to believe even before I hold the money in my hands. I choose to claim my blessing because God says this “land is mine” already. I choose to step out and see with the eyes of faith. I choose to hope in my loving and powerful God and Father.

If God had paved the way for our sudden engagement years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if He would pave the way again for me and my husband so that we would find ourselves suddenly selling our condo units in the next days, even tomorrow! Make miracles for us again Lord like You did for Your people in Egypt! We step out in faith and choose not to be troubled or afraid!


  1. Thank you Tes for mentioning my Didache reflection "This Land is Mine" in your Blog. Truly it is the Spirit leading us as we write our reflections.

    There is a sequel to that story: One-and-a-half years later, the property was bought at a profit of a little over one million pesos, which allowed us to buy a house & lot, in the same village. Same lot size, only with an old house which we renovated and is now like a brand new house.

    The LORD is indeed amazing!

  2. Thank you very much, Danny! Truly, God is unstoppable in blessing us. George and I are inspired by your story.