Thursday, August 23, 2012

Activities Inspired by the Book Blue Cow Goes Out to Play

Today, I decided to have an art activity with Yanthy.  I checked out our art supplies and saw that we still have some unused balloons from the birthday party I had in the orphanage
I reminded Yanthy of the story in one of his books, Blue Cow Goes Out to Play, and told him that we're going to make a cow balloon.  He was thrilled! 

At first, we took turns drawing spots on our deflated white balloon using a black pentel pen.  We also made a playmate for Blue Cow so that he would not be sad. This time, we chose the pink balloon and made it into a pig. I drew a pig face on the deflated pink balloon.

Then, we used a pump to inflate the balloons.  We noticed though that the black spots and the pig face we drew were not very visible anymore after we inflated the balloons.  So I checked out some of our paint supply as well and saw that we have blue and black inks.  I asked him to paint blue paint over the pale spots of the cow balloon using a brush while I painted black paint using my fingers on the pig balloon.  We air-dried the balloons after we're done painting.  Then, I got some blue yarn and made it into a cow tail by tying it on the knot of the balloon.  I also got a lavender ribbon and curled it using a pair of scissors and tied it on the the knot of the pig balloon.
Yanthy's Blue Cow Balloon with a blue yarn tail.
After cleaning up our hands and our mess and taking some pictures, my little boy was ready to go out and play with his cow and pig balloons outdoors.

Yanthy's Pig Balloon with a lavender ribbon as tail.

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