Monday, October 1, 2012

Recipes for Oreo-based Treats

I was researching through the internet about easy to make treats for special occasions and the coming Christmas season and I was thrilled to find three recipes that I plan to make soon. 
The first recipe I found (from Amazing Moms) was for an Oreo Ice Cream Cake.  It's very easy to make and it has only three ingredients.  You can even make it two only if you use only one size of Oreo cookies instead of regular-sized Oreos and mini Oreos.  Click here to read the recipe.
The second one is a recipe for a No-bake Oreo Cheesecake.  It even has a video tutorial which makes it easier to follow.  Watch it here and see if you would be confident enough to try it too.


The last Oreo-based recipe I found is for No-bake Cake Pops.  It was a video tutorial of how to make no-bake cake pops.  What made the video more interesting is that kids were the ones making the demo.  It makes one think: "if these kids can do these no-bake cake pops, then I can do them too."  Watch the video here and decide for yourself if you can make cake pops too.

You can crush the Oreo cookies using a rolling pin or something hard that's not breakable if you don't have a food processor at home.

I saw another video in YouTube earlier where the lady making cake pops did not use a mold like the one used by the kids in the video above.  She used a cookie cutter with a round shape instead to form a small round shape at the bottom to make it look like a mini cupcake.  In another video, I saw another lady coat the balls with melted chocolate without shaping them into mini cupcakes anymore and they came out nice looking as well.  

There you have it -- an overload of Oreo-based sweet treats.  They are easy to do and kids can even join in the fun.  I will definitely try out these recipes soon and I will let my eldest son who loves Oreos be my little assistant!  If the treats come out really good, we might even try selling them and earn extra during the Christmas season or other special occasions.

Why don't you try them too?  And let me know if you have been successful. :)  

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