Friday, March 8, 2013

Offering my five loaves of bread and two fish: Full Life Cube

I was struck with these words from Loyola Press' 3 Minute Retreat last March 5, 2013 entitled Blessed and Broken.
I was most especially moved by these lines:
 "By providing food for the multitudes, Jesus teaches us how our unconditional trust in God can turn the smallest gesture into a great grace... he calls the disciples to step out of their comfort zone and do something that must have felt futile in the face of so many hungry people. Today Jesus asks us to do the same; allow God to show his care and generosity abundantly through our efforts."
As soon as I read these words, I knew right away that God wanted me to offer something.  So, I asked myself.  "What are my three loaves and two fish?"  The answer came easily.  I acted on it right away by writing my ideas on what I can offer to bless others.  I continued to mindstorm for days and shared my ideas with my husband who in turn gave me feedback and helped me put up a simple website.
Putting up this website is definitely not my comfort zone.  Expanding the services that I offer as an HR person is also outside my comfort zone but I believe that God wants me to do this because I could make a difference to a lot of working people through this "new" service.  As He has pointed out to me recently, my experiences are not only for my benefit or for my family's benefit.  God allowed me to go through my unique journey as a working professional who eventually became a freelance consultant and business woman for a purpose.  He wanted me to use my skills, experiences and testimony to bless others and lead them to fullness of life.
My website which I call Full Life Cube is still a work in progress but it already contains a lot of information about the services I offer to business start-ups and to employees or individuals.  It's another concrete way for me to say YES to God's call to offer the little that I have so He can bless it, break it and use it to nourish His hungry people.  I pray that with this move, I would be able to touch more lives and lead more to fullness of life in Christ.
Take a peek into my new website.  We will be updating it as soon as we find the best person/team to work on developing my membership site.
Here's an excerpt from the Career Coaching and Counseling Page of my site.

Do you have a burning question about your work or career?
Do you badly need to talk to someone who preferably has experience in HR about your work/career concern?
Do you experience problems in keeping a job? Have you been job-hopping for some time now?
Do you need to make a career decision soon that can impact the other aspects of your life and you need to discuss your plans with someone who can give objective feedback?
Do you need help in achieving work life balance in your current job or business?
Are you contemplating on resigning from your job?
Are you thinking of making a career shift but unsure if you should push through with it or how to do it?
Do you need guidance in choosing which job offer to accept?
Do you need help in determining which career path to take and what kind of jobs to pursue?
Do you need help in clarifying your career goals?
Are you eyeing a promotion or a position but you’re not sure how you can be qualified for that position?
Do you need help in developing a long-term career plan?
Do you need help in developing a plan to help you transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur?
Do you need help in tracking your progress in moving towards implementing your career plan and achieving your career goals?
If you answer YES to ANY of these questions, getting a Career Coach and Counselor could be what you need to get started in your quest to solving your FULL LIFE CUBE.

There's still a lot of work to do after all the learnings and inspirations I gained from the 2013 Wealth Summit organized by Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club.  It can be tiring at times like these past few days when I had been working long hours to fine-tune my ideas and putting them in this new website.  But I'm thankful to God for the grace to act on His Word and to move closer to where He wants me to go.  My new adventure with God is just beginning. 

"The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." - Mark Twain

To God be the glory!

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  1. God bless on your endeavors especially with this new expansion of you services, Teresa! You're an inspiration for saying "YES" to God's call in your life! May our good Lord continue to use you and your gifts to touch others and bring them closer to our God. =)

    1. Thank you very much, Joanne! I was just telling a few close friends these past days that I sometimes wonder how I'm going to finish all the books I need to write and accomplish all that God has called me to do. Last Friday and today, God reminded me that His grace is enough for me and that as I rely on His grace all things are possible. God is so good, indeed!