Sunday, April 28, 2013

Minister to Me, Lord Series: Day 2 - Reserve me the best

"There are times in our lives when we feel left behind... I had felt I gotten left behind. But after patiently waiting, working and praying, I now have my dream... All the while, God was reserving the best seat I could ask for." (Didache, April 26, 2013)
I read this reflection a couple of days ago and I felt that God was speaking to me through it. I could relate with the writer of the reflection. I also felt left behind in my current projects and honestly I've been struggling to keep on going because of this feeling. I feel like my deadlines and competition are giants staring and looking down at me while I look down feeling defeated.
God however used this reflection to change my perspective. I felt God's assurance through the Bible verse featured in that reflection.
"I am going to prepare a place for you." John 14:2
God assured me that He has gone ahead of where I want to go. That He has made a way for me. He has prepared a place for me. He has reserved the best place for me.
I read several inspiring posts from different sites in the past days and the same message resonated. God is behind me, with me and ahead of me in all these adventures of mine. God Himself has sealed my victory and is waiting and ready to hand it to me. I only need to keep moving forward with faith believing that as early as now I am already victorious.
This message served as a follow up to God's message to me on Day 1 of this Minister to Me, Lord Series. He used the song below (Who Your Are by Gateway Worship) to remind me that I need not live in fear and that I am not alone for He is with me always. I need not fret whenever I have needs in my projects even when they seem so big for me. I was reminded that nothing is bigger than God and that because of His great love for me, there is no good thing He will withhold.

God used this song to keep the fire in my heart burning for the dreams He has planted in my heart. He reminded me that these God-sized dreams of mine with God-sized needs requiring God-sized abilities is not mine alone to accomplish. God is bringing it to pass with me as collaborator. I am working on these projects therefore with God on my side.
I watched the movie Facing the Giants last night with my husband and I was reminded of the story of David who triumphed over a giant, not because of his own ability but because God was with him, because He had faith in His God to deliver him.
I also remembered the story of the Israelites who felt intimidated just before they entered the Promise Land. They also felt that they are no match to the giants occupying the land that God has promised to them. But God proved them wrong.
I claim that I now stand at the threshold of my God-sized dreams and that I am about to give birth soon. I claim that the fulfillment of my God-sized dreams is just a stone's throw from where I am now. I choose to focus on God and my dreams. I choose to take my eyes off the giants standing in front of me.
I claim that I will walk past these giants and march towards my victory because my God walks with me and has won the victory for me. I will walk with certainty for I am certain of God's love for me. I am confident that my God-sized dreams will be fulfilled because I am confident in the God of all my dreams. He will enable me as He has called me. All I need to do is give my best to Him. He will supply the rest.
Do you also feel that there are giants standing before you now and hindering you from moving forward? What are these things, people or circumstances that intimidate you now? Take your eyes off those giants and focus your eyes on God and on the dreams God has planted in your heart. God has granted you and me the victory. Let us march victorious and claim what He has reserved to be ours. We are almost there! Let us boldly step out in faith for our victorious God walks ahead of us! He has reserved the best seat for us! Let's walk confidently towards that seat! Let's not keep God waiting!

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