Thursday, April 25, 2013

Minister to Me, Lord Series: Day 1 - Make Me Glad

God spoke powerfully into my heart last night through Isaiah 41:10 which says,
"So do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

As usual, God spoke the exact words that I needed to hear from Him. He always has perfect timing, you know! :)

I was teary-eyed as I meditated on these words last night.  And as I pondered on His words, a song came to my mind. I could sing some lines but I could not remember the title of the song; so I asked my son (who has a very good memory for his age) to help me recall. True enough, he was able to help me remember the title and I found the song video in You Tube.

The song was Made Me Glad and it was performed by Darlene of Hillsong. I invite you to watch the video and allow the Lord to minister to you as you listen to the song.

God invited me through the song to trust Him at ALL times... Yes, all times!  That meant trusting Him last night as I faced many uncertainties about my ongoing projects and God-sized dreams.  Through the verse from Isaiah, God reminded me of who He is in my life. His loving reminder made me strong last night as I wrestled with my fears over my projects and God-sized dreams. God delivered me from my fears through His assuring words. Suddenly, I felt so loved by Him.  I felt strengthened. Truly, He is my very present help in times of need. He knows perfectly well how to supply my every need at the most perfect time.
Do you also have fears right now that seem to paralyze you and hinder you from moving forward or closer to fulfilling God's plans for your life? I invite you to meditate on Isaiah 41:10 as well. Soak in the truth of God's Word to you. Claim it and allow the Lord to make you glad. Allow Him to strengthen you and to help you with whatever difficulty or trial you are going through. Humble yourself before His holy throne and TRUST HIM... Trust Him now... Trust Him even when you feel shaken by your fears and challenges. Let God's powerful words penetrate your heart and spirit. Sing with me this worship song and feel the power of God's Holy Spirit minister to you.
Claim the truth that He is our ever present help in times of need! Then, carry this truth in your heart today. Recite this verse and sing this song every time you feel your fears haunting you and trying to hold you back. God's Words will help us combat enemy lies and move us closer to the victory that Jesus has already won for us.
Were you blessed by this reflection or sharing? I hope so. I will be posting a series of reflections in the next weeks with this format. I will begin by sharing a verse from Scripture and share a bit how God ministered to me through it.  Then, I will also share a song that helped me deepen my understanding of that verse and experience the truth of that verse. I hope and pray that by doing this I'd be able to bring God's message and love to all who'd chance to read my posts here in this blog. May God minister to more people through this series!

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