Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Safety 1st No Touch Thermometer Product Review

We visited my kids’ pediatrician a few weeks ago for their regular well baby check up and for their flu vaccines.  It is advised by doctors that children and adults alike get flu shots before the flu season, which also happens during the rainy season.  That means getting the vaccines between February to June.  “The flu vaccine will prevent one from getting sick, including the chance of contracting any of the other significant complications, or at least help reduce the severity of the illness” according to Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy, program manager of the Department of Health’s Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease Program.   

My kids’ pediatrician advised me to give the kids paracetamol in case they run a fever.  I’m glad that both of my kids don’t usually get fevers after being vaccinated.  The same thing happened a few weeks ago.

This reminded me of a product that I would recommend to Moms and Dads, especially to those who have small children – the Safety 1st No Touch Thermometer.  I think that having a reliable thermometer at home is essential for all households.  I also recommend that families bring this thermometer with them when they go out on trips or vacations.  Having this kind of thermometer would be a big help especially if you have active little kids whose temperatures are hard to get when they are awake because of constant movement or simply because they do not like to use the thermometer.  This thermometer has helped me and my husband a lot of times when we needed to find out or monitor our children’s temperature and they were busy playing or running around.  Having a reliable thermometer during outings or trips prevents false alarms which are usually the result of checking someone’s temperature by hand only.  When you use this thermometer, you will know right away if someone needs to take a medicine or not, rest for a while or continue enjoying your activities.

Let me share some of the product features of this thermometer that my family and I love.

·         The user will know right away if the one whose temperature was taken have a fever or not.  This is made possible by the happy and sad face icon that is displayed.  The happy face icon means that there’s no fever and no reason for alarm.  The sad face means that the person whose temperature was taken has fever.  My eldest son loves this feature.  So do I and our helpers.  It takes the guesswork out of reading thermometers.  We don’t need to stress anymore about trying to remember at what temperature we need to give a medicine to the baby/child every time we need to check their temperature.

·         It enables us to get the temperature of the kids easily.  Even my eldest son has learned how to use it on me, his Dad or his baby brother.  The thermometer makes a beep and the LED will flash when you position it correctly a few inches from the forehead. 

·         You can get the temperature of kids and adults alike using this thermometer within 1 second.  This feature works best for kids who can’t be still for long periods.  This was our challenge before when we use the traditional thermometers.  My kids get impatient.  They start moving and fidgeting even before the required time for taking their temperature is over.  Thus, we need to measure their temperature several times.  With Safety 1st’ No Touch Thermometer, this problem has been solved.  It saved us a lot of time.

·         It’s convenient to use.  It has memory recall function of up to 10 temperature readings.  I remember when my first born son was still a little over one year old and he got sick of amoebiasis.  He had fever for days and a number of times, he had high fever.  We would list down his temperature readings sometimes as we monitor his condition.  Too bad, we didn’t have this thermometer then. 

·         It can be used to check a sleeping child’s temperature without waking up the child.  Based on our experience, the short beeping sound is not loud enough to wake our kids when we need to check their temperatures at night.  This is a big help for parents who are most often sleep-deprived when their kids are sick.  We surely do not want a sleeping sick child to wake up in the middle of the night just to get his/her temperature because sometimes it takes a while before we can soothe the child and put him/her back to sleep.  This is a big plus for me because I know that sleep is very valuable to anyone who is sick.

·         This thermometer has auto-shut off feature, too.  So, you get to save on battery life.  This is most useful on days or nights when parents are already tired or sleepy watching over sick babies.

·         It can be used to measure the temperature of food and drinks or bath water as well.  One common practice is to check the temperature by feeling the water or the side of the food or drink container by hand.  These are not accurate however.  So, having this thermometer can be very handy whenever you need to check the temperature of these things accurately.

Please note however that “for best results in babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends taking the temperature rectally, by placing a thermometer in the baby's anus. This method is accurate and gives a quick reading of the baby's internal temperature."

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