Saturday, June 8, 2013

Timely Encouragement to Keep Moving Forward

It has been almost a month since I last wrote a post for this blog. I had my share of both good and bad problems in the past month. Let me start with the two bad problems I had. First, our maid left. We had a hard time finding a replacement (even though we tapped an agency to help us). Then, after waiting for a long time for the replacement, that maid left after around a week. Our second bad problem is that our townhouse is not yet finished. We thought that it would be ready for move-in by June. But it was not yet ready for move-in and we had to cram to find another house that we can rent in just a matter of days because we found a student who wanted to rent our condominium unit. And he needed to move into our condominium unit by June 2. That meant moving out of our condominium unit that same day.
I still praise God and I'm very happy in spite of our bad problems because we had more good problems in our hands. One main reason why I was not able to write a post for this blog in the past month is because I had been facilitating teambuilding workshops every weekend in Tagaytay in the past three weeks. Two days before the first teambuilding workshop I conducted, I also had an out-of-town speaking engagement. (I'll write another blog post about that soon.) Two days prior to the second teambuilding workshop, I conducted a whole day management and leadership workshop. On top of those commitments, I had to meet my writing deadlines for The Philippine Online Chronicles where I'm a contributing writer and I had been given writing assignments for the month of May. On the week that was leading to my third teambuilding workshop, we found a confirmed tenant/renter for our condominium unit. It was a blessing in disguise because that week I realized that it was another dream fulfilled. Finding that tenant reminded me of a dream I wrote years ago. I remembered that I wrote before that I wanted our family to earn passive income through our condominium unit/s. That week, through that student and his family, that dream came true. So although, we panicked to find a house that we can rent in just a matter of days, we were very happy with our challenge. Did I also mention that we needed to move out of our condominium unit the following day after my third out-of-town teambuilding workshop? Yes, our challenge that week was not only to find a house that we can rent with such short notice but also to find a house owner who will agree to rent out his house to us for only two months. Remember, we're supposed to move into our new townhouse but the contractors are still finishing it. So, we need to wait for around a month or two months at the most before we can live in our "Promised Land."
Just like what we often hear, God works wonders and miracles at the 11th hour. True enough, He supplied us with many 11th hour miracles - our student renter/tenant, someone who will continue renting our parking slot in the condominium (because we already paid it in advance and we would not be able to use it anymore for around 3 weeks), a house where we can stay for the meantime and many more!
That's why the month of May has been one SUPER BUSY month for me and my family. Our busyness does not end there. This month of June, I have more teambuilding workshops lined up. Actually, the next one will be next Saturday. Yesterday, I went out-of-town again to do an ocular inspection of a potential venue.
In between all the coordination, event/workshop preparations and client meetings, I'm also managing our house (that is maidless for the meantime) and taking care of my two small kids. Another blessing is that my mom temporarily stayed with us so that she can help me with the kids and some of the chores at home.
I feel like I'm swimming in an ocean of grace. It's all grace that I'm able to keep up with my commitments. It's because of God's amazing grace that I'm able to deliver what my clients expect me to deliver and even more. It's because of His grace that I was able to write a chapter for the e-book I'm currently working on. It's His grace that keeps me moving forward in my breastfeeding book project. It's His grace that keeps me sane, hopeful and standing firm.
Last weekend, God's timely help and encouragement came to me in the form of a book and His angel in the form of a book author. My husband bought for me a copy of the book You're Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holly Gerth. Along with it, he bought for me as well Holly's book You're Already Amazing.
I knew right away from the first time I read about Holly's book in her blog that this book is for me. That hunch/intuition was confirmed the moment I started reading it.
I shared a few lines from it in Full Life Cube's Facebook Page. I posted these lines with a photo.
Photo source here.
I know deep in my heart that the things I'm working on are all God-Sized Dreams that God planted in my heart. At first, I didn't know how I would move forward in pursuing them or making these dreams realities. But as I obeyed and embraced them with my heart, hands and spirit, God paved the way for me and He has been moving me forward from the time I said YES to His call/invitation to start these projects.
I praise and thank God that even in my current busyness in my Consulting business (Full Life Cube), He still blesses me with some time to write and work on my book projects. Only God can make this possible. Definitely not me. If it were only me, I would have thrown the towel months ago or I would have shelved these projects indefinitely because my current concerns and challenges are oh so valid and real.
There are days when the piles of laundry in our hampers, the many things and rooms that need to be cleaned, the dishes and glasses that need to be washed and the many other mommy duties that I need to do overwhelm me. But I realized that even amid these duties and difficulties, I can still accomplish the impossible and my God-Sized dreams BECAUSE the God who called me to pursue all these enables me to do all these. I'm so blessed to have Him as my God!
Are you also working on something that you know God entrusted to you? Are you also encountering challenges and thinking how you can find the time in your busy schedule to work on that God-sized dream or God-entrusted project? I pray that you'll find encouragement from this sharing/blog post of mine. I pray that reading this would give you hope and that this would somehow sustain you and enable to do even one thing that can move you closer to accomplishing your dream or your project.
To God be the glory!


  1. Oh Mommy Tere! This is a very touching piece you shared. It almost eat me and I am showered with the gift of Wisdom. Thank you and thanks God for the wonderful blessings!

    1. You're welcome, Donna. :) I'm glad to be His instrument in touching your heart.