Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Power of Intercessory Prayer

I once read the book The Power of the Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian. I actually read it when I was still single and didn't have a boyfriend (as in no boyfriend since birth). Why did I read the book? I read it before giving it as a gift to a married friend. I'm glad I did it. Not only was I happy with my purchase (knowing that I'm giving an inspiring gift), I also learned from it. I thought that what I learned would prove to be useful when I'm already a wife. So I tucked those lessons in my heart and in my mind for some time since it took me a while before I found my one true love. :)
Fast forward to my present life. I'm now a wife with two active little boys. I work from home and my husband works outside the home in an office relatively near our new house.
Last Friday, as usual, my husband went to work early in the morning at around the same time that I was busy cooking in the kitchen. I said a prayer in my heart as he went out our front door and as he drove our vehicle outside of our gate.
Then, I went on with my tasks.
A little later, while I was at our second floor hallway, I walked past our altar. I stopped. I was moved to pray some more for my husband. I said a prayer again for him. This time I read the prayer to the Holy Family which was printed behind the picture of the same image. This picture is a replica of the icon that was here in the Philipines I think more than a year ago. After praying, I went on again with my household tasks. I prepared the kids for lunch and my eldest for his session with his teacher (which was scheduled at 1:30 PM).
Just after lunch, a friend who is also a lay preacher and Feast Builder sent me a text message (sms) inviting me and my family to attend the Healing Mass that evening at SM Sucat. I really wanted to attend the Mass when I first learned about it. I was hesitant though because I'm not sure if I can handle the kids especially that there will be a long waiting time and it is expected that there will be many people in attendance. My husband will be coming from his office so he would be late as well. The text message I received however made me rethink our initial decision.

I've decided to change my mind. I've decided to go to the Healing Mass. I thought of my husband and his health concerns. He's hypertensive and is borderline diabetic. I thought that if he could not come to the Healing Mass, at least I would pray for him while attending that Mass or I will bring his picture and ask Fr. Suarez to pray over his picture.
I tried calling him in his office to inform him of my change of plans but I could not reach him. I called again several times until just before leaving the house but I still could not reaach him. He forgot to bring his cellphone with him that day that's why I had to call him in his office landline. I also sent him an email to inform him of the new development.
The kids and I, together with our new maid, left for the Healing Mass. I was confident that my husband got my message. He's usually online anyway. I thought that maybe he was in a meeting that's why he has not responded.
We got to the venue and were happy to be early enough to find some vacant seats. I prayed that my husband can get to the venue early so he can be prayed over. If not, I thought that at least he would arrive in time for the worship after the talk.
Then, there was change in the program. The talk and worship was done first before the Healing Mass. Usually, the program at The Feast starts with the Mass. But I was so happy with the change in the program. The more that I prayed for my husband to make it just in time to be prayed over by Fr. Suarez.
It was already pray over time but my husband was nowhere in sight.
Then, a little while later we saw him lining up at the back. He went to us and we were so happy to see him finally. That's when he shared to me his "story."
He recunted that he went to the ER (emergency room) of St. Luke's Hospital around 10 AM. He had difficulty breathing. While there, he found out that his blood pressure was elevated. He was asked to stay in the hospital for some time. He stayed there until around past 3 PM. Then, he was discharged.
After that, he went back to his office and that's when he read my email.
I was in awe after I heard his story.
I believe that it was the Holy Spirit who moved me to intercede for my husband that day. It was the Holy Spirit that paved the way for us to change our plans and to go to the Healing Mass.
I thanked God that night for always watching over me and my family. I thanked Him for the power of intercessory prayer that was at work that day. I thanked Him that I have learned to apply the lessons I read from the book The Power of the Praying Wife. It sure was handy that fateful day! I thanked Him for making a way for me and my immediate family members to be prayed over by Fr. Suarez. I have heard about him in the past years but I have had the opportunity to attend any of his Healing Masses. It was definitely a memorable first!
Are you also a wife or parent? I encourage you to get (buy or borrow) a copy of the books by Stormie Omartian in The Praying Series. I'm sure that these books will bless you as they have blessed me and my family!
Let me end with these lines: Prayer knows no bounds. Prayer allows us to reach those who are far from us -- physically or otherwise. So, take time to pray today for those you love. Pray even for strangers when you feel the prompting to say a prayer for them. Let the Holy Spirit lead, guide and use you to be a vessel of His Power.
Have a blessed day!


  1. I also read that book, The Power of a Praying Wife, and I highly recommend it. Praying for my husband has turned our life around. Thank you for sharing your testimonial on this, Teresa.

    1. Thank you, Blessie! I so love Stormie Omartian's books. They are so inspiring. :)