Saturday, July 20, 2013

You're Qualified!

"You're qualified!"
Yes, you! Don't look around because God is talking to you.
Do you feel like a failure? Do you feel like you have messed things up? Do you feel that you don't measure up to the requirements of the job? Do you feel that you have missed opportunities? Do you feel that there are so many other people who can do what you are doing or want to do in a much better way?
You're not alone in feeling that way.
These are some of the things I felt in the past days and every now and then, these thoughts enter my mind whenever I think of the projects that I'm currently doing.
I have already missed many deadlines and I feel frustrated... with my myself and with my situation. I sometimes feel like giving up.
But God would not let me give up on the God-sized dreams that He has entrusted to me. The only giving up that He wants me to do is to give up control over my projects and God-sized dreams. He asked me to let Him be in control... to let go and let Him move things for me.
Today, I woke up to a wonderful message from Him through a reflection from Didache.
I particularly liked these lines from the reflection:
There are times in our lives when we feel we have fallen short of what is expected or required. We feel unworthy of even hoping that things could be better.
The Gentiles, being non-Jews, were considered “unqualified” by the Law’s standards. But God had other plans. He “qualified” them, and made them complete in Jesus.
As you come before the Lord today, let Him qualify and complete whatever is lacking in you. Let Him give you hope. (emphasis mine)
The reflection goes on further by asking: "Are you running out of hope? Run to God and let Him give you a vision of His possibilities."
It ends with this prayer: "Lord, I believe with all my heart that the best is yet to come. I trust in You!"
He then reminded me to leaf through the pages of the book that recently inspired me, You're Made for a God-sized Dream. I was led to read these lines again.
Thank you for being a dreamer who doesn't always try to prove her worth...
God has already approved you for your God-sized dream. He has already given you all you need and made you all you need to be. he will make everything unfold in His way, His time. What you're doing today may not feel like enough. But if you're simply saying yes to Jesus and whatever he asks, then it is more than enough -- it's world changing.
Your most valuable asset as a God-sized dreamer isn't the plans you can make or the connections you have. It's not the talents you possess or the experience you can list. It's your heart.
I so love the last paragraph!
With that I sang my heart out to God through this song by Parachute Band.

So, if you are feeling the same way as I have before I got this message from God, I suggest that you meditate on the same words He used today to talk to me. Then, sing this song to Him and let Him not only make you feel better but let Him make you believe in yourself and in Him again. Let His love and power fill you up to the brim and to overflowing so that with His love and power, you can conquer every obstacle that comes your way in pursuing your God-sized dreams.

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