Friday, August 30, 2013

Terrified yet still walking

Have you ever had those days (and nights) when you feel so terrified that you cannot do what you want/need to do?
Well, I have.
Today/tonight, is one of those days/nights.
So, I chose to do something that I had been doing for many years now whenever I feel this way... I wrote a poem to express what I'm thinking and feeling at the moment.
I will not share the entire poem because I'm not ready. But I will share parts of it. I hope that somehow these lines would bless you and make you less terrified.
Terrified yet still walking
Growing in courage at every step
Growing in faith as I move forward
Holding on tightly and not losing hope.
Another line that I want to share with you is this:
I heard His familiar voice whisper,
I am here, right beside you in the storm.
I don't know what storms you're going through right now, which cause you to be terrified. I don't know where you're desired destination is. I just know that though we sometimes feel alone in the storm, that is not the truth. For as He said to me earlier while writing my poem, He is right beside me in the storm. I believe that He is also beside you now. Reach out for His hand and hold on to Him tight.

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