Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thank you for more than 100,000 pageviews

Hi, dear readers!
I just want to take time to express my thanks to all of you for enabling me to reach this milestone in my blog - MORE THAN 100,000 PAGEVIEWS! Wow!

I did not imagine or expected this to happen when I first started this blog. I was already content to write my thoughts in my little journal/notebook before. Sometimes, I would encode my thoughts and insights and share them with friends.
Then, one day, my husband encouraged me to start a blog.
I was so new and so technically-challenged. I'm not so new anymore to blogging but I'm still technically-challenged! hehe
I have learned a lot through the years... I learned more about myself, about motherhood and family life, about God... I learned more about blogging.
Thank you for choosing to be with me as I learned all these things by reading my posts and leaving comments on some of them. This blog has paved the way for me to receive surprises from God and you, dear readers, are among them.
I initial thought that blogging is my way of documenting my lessons as I journey to motherhood. God eventually showed me that I need not journey alone. That there are people whose lives I can touch and bless by sharing the lessons I have learned.
I praise and thank God for this opportunity and for this wonderful surprise today. Truly, God is gracious!
I pray that as you continue to read my posts and follow my blog, you would find yourself following Jesus more closely and knowing Him more.
It is my joy and privilege to be used by God to reach out to you through this little blog of mine.
God bless you!
To God be the glory!

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