Saturday, September 7, 2013

Almost 5 and Breastfeeding Again

My eldest son was sitting next to me as we listened to one of the speakers at the Breastfeeding Pinays photo exhibit at SM Mall of Asia. Then, we heard something that surprised both of us. The speaker (Nanay Ines of Arugaan) shared that in some countries, kids as old as 5 to 7 year old still breastfeed. My eldest son and I looked at each other. I said to him, "So, you can still breastfeed just like Mateo!" He smiled and said, "Yes, because I'm only 4 years old."
"Do you want to breastfeed again?" I asked him.
"Yes!" he replied.
When we got home and getting ready for bed, my eldest watched closely as his younger brother nursed from me. I asked him again if he wanted to breastfeed again. He said yes but was hesitant and shy. I asked him why.
He said that he's not sure if he remembers how.
I told him to watch his younger brother and encouraged him to try again.
He did try. But after a around a minute stopped.
I didn't force him to continue. I simply encouraged him to try again next time.
My youngest son continues to breastfeed from me and his older brother sometimes would watch as if wanting to do the same.

Last night, as my eldest son watched his younger brother breastfeed from me on the bed, he asked if he could try again. I readily said yes and motioned him to lie down on my other side. I helped him latch by doing a sandwich hold of my breast while I encouraged him to suck. He suckled for a few minutes, paused and stopped. I asked him if he was able to get some milk. He smiled and said yes.
It was my first time to breastfeed my kids simultaneously. It felt good.
The first time my eldest tried to breastfeed from me after the photo exhibit, my youngest was still not willing to share my breasts with his older brother. I was happy last night that he even encouraged his older brother to breastfeed with him.
My eldest son's breastfeeding session last night was brief but it gave me much joy. He said that he will breastfeed again every night before he sleeps. That was enough for me. I'm positive that tandem feeding my sons at night would bring positive results not only to my eldest son's health but more importantly to their relationship as brothers. 

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