Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Breastfeeding eBook's Virtual Book Launch: Letting Go to Let God Surprise Me

It's 11 PM now (Manila time) according to the clock on my laptop. There's still a long list of things that I can do to prepare for my eBook's virtual launch that will happen tomorrow, August 1, 2014. BUT I'm already tired and I have no more energy to work on these other tasks. I've been working HARD in the past days and weeks leading to this event and I have done A LOT since I embarked on this eBook project. I've decided that it's time to let go and let God surprise me.
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Just like what I mentioned in my previous post where I shared about my adventure in pursuing this dream of publishing it internationally, I've streamlined my to-do list to make it more realistic. I chose the tasks which I think would contribute to the 80% of my desired results. I chose which tasks I can delegate to my virtual assistant and which ones that I will do myself.
Time went by SO FAST! It's now almost launch time!

I thank God for helping me to get this far and to do as much preparation as I can. I went to Mass this evening with my kids. We have resumed going to daily Mass since Monday this week because I was feeling much better compared to the previous months. I hardly feel nauseous these days. This is my way of expressing to God my trust and confidence in His plans. It's my way of acknowledging that God is in control and that even while I stop working, God is at work in my ministry. This act of going to daily Mass again during this week is my way of reminding myself of the important lesson that I don't need to do everything. (Read more about my reflection on this insight here.) I have done my best. I have given my all to this endeavor. It's time to let God be God and allow Him to work miracles again in my life. Isn't that exciting?
This decision of letting go and letting God surprise me with the outcomes also gave me so much peace... Truly, remembering that God is in control and that Christ has already won the victory for us grants us peace that no amount of preparation, planning and a long to-do list can give.
The reflection from Didache today titled Let Go, Let God came at a perfect time as I look forward to my eBook's 3-day promotion on Amazon.
I'm excited and at the same time nervous for the international launch of my breastfeeding book in Kindle edition. I know that God will pave the way for me so that I would be able to shine His light to more families through this book.
Let me end with this quote from one of my favorite authors, Bo Sanchez.
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