Saturday, August 16, 2014

On to a New Adventure with God

I was supposed to write this blog post yesterday but I chose to go to bed early so I'm writing it now after our family's morning exercise.
God has called me to a new adventure. I was not expecting Him to do that this soon. I have just followed Him in a recent one. You may read more about this adventure here, here, here and here. I thought that He would let me have a break. I was expecting Him to call me to a new adventure months after I give birth to my third child. But our God is truly a God of surprises!
God has called me to write a new book! I have just launched the Kindle edition of my breastfeeding book on Amazon last August 1-3 and it became #1 on two categories (Motherhood and Child Care) during our 3-day book promotion. I was ready to rest and savor this recent victory from God for months. I planned to resume writing after my maternity leave.
But God has a different plan. I had difficulty sleeping in the past days because of this recurring book idea. I thought writing down my ideas on my notebook would do the trick. But after writing them down, more ideas kept pouring in. The prompting to write again was so strong. Still, I chose not to act on act right away. I wanted more time to rest and just focus on my other duties (managing our household, caring for our 2 little boys, homeschooling them and running my business).
Yesterday, God spoke powerfully to me through a reflection from Didache ( a scripture guide for Catholics). The writer of the reflection captured my hesitations. But he was also used by God to speak courage and peace to my heart.
Let me quote a some lines.
Friend, God may be calling you to do something greater that you feel you're not ready for. God's message for you is that He doesn't need you to feel ready. He just wants you to follow and obey.
Blessing is God's department, obedience is ours. Even if you're not ready, God is saying you can get ready on the way, because He is ready. He is ready to empower you and provide for you.
So today I encourage you to say yes and trust God for the greater things He has envisioned for you.
I believe that it's not a coincidence that it was one of Mama Mary's Feast days yesterday. It was the Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. I was reminded of Mama Mary's faith and obedience to God's Will and plan for her life even when she did not fully understand. Thus, I chose to say yes just like her to God's prompting and entrust all my concerns to God's able and mighty hands. I may feel that it's quite impossible to finish this new book before my due date (the time when I will give birth to our new baby) but I choose to let God guide and empower me as I obey Him. This will surely be another great adventure with Him!
Is God calling you to a new adventure? Feel free to share them with me by leaving a comment.

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