Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Simple Celebration of Mama Mary's Birthday

We started our celebration with pancake breakfast. These were our cakes for Mama Mary. We thought of using M&M chocolates to make the pancakes colorful and to form the letter M on the pancakes but there were no M&M chocolates in the nearby convenience store when our helper went. This disappointed my eldest son. Good thing, I was able to convince him eventually to use a substitute. I used our chocolate syrup instead to form a letter M on top of my kids' pancakes. I'm glad it still put a smile on their faces when they ate their breakfast and snack for the day.

Last Sunday night, my husband started teaching our kids how to sing the Hail Mary. He also wrote the chords of the song in my eldest son's notebook so our eldest can practice playing the song even while he was in the office the following day.
Before lunch yesterday, my eldest son practiced the piece. He also practiced singing the song.

Later, he played the birthday song in the piano while his younger brother sang Happy Birthday to Mama Mary.
I wanted to paint with kids yesterday but as usual, it took a while before the boys went to sleep after lunch. Thus, they woke up late and we only had just enough time to get ready for the evening Mass.
We had dinner and dressed up for the Mass. I dressed the boys in long-sleeved polo shirts just like their Dad and told them that blue is one of the colors associated with Mama Mary. I wanted to wear blue also but I don't something blue that fits my pregnant body. So I just wore a white top with dark blue stripes.
We also had a chance to have a family photo taken
with the baby Mary after the Mass. 
We were blessed to be asked to offer the host and wine during the Mass. The boys walked with me and my husband as we offered them. I thank God for this special blessing.
We wanted to buy roses and let the boys offer them to Mama Mary but there were no more roses for sale outside the church when we checked. Anyway, I think Mama Mary was still pleased with the boys as they sang their hearts out during the Mass.
I prayed to Mama Mary that I would be more like her in raising my kids. I know that I need much grace from God to be a better mom. I also asked her to pray for my kids that they would grow to be god-loving and that they would live their lives according to God's Will.
We were not able to push through with our original plans on how we wanted to celebrate Mama Mary's birthday but I still thank God that we got to celebrate it in a simple and meaningful way.

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