Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review of Space Book

One of my kids' current interests is the solar system. They are interested to learn about the planets and the other things that are related to these. So, my husband and I looked for books about space or the solar system one time when we were in the book store. We found several options. After checking out the contents of the books, we decided that this book is perfect for our kids who are 5 and 2 years old respectively.
My two-year-old boy loves this book!

Let me tell you why:
1. It has pop-up of the planets, the sun and the moon. My boys like to look at this while scrutinizing the planets and their positions/sequence from the sun. They also like singing the planet song while pointing at the planets. This pop-up is a wonderful illustration of how the planets revolve around the sun. It also shows the moon orbiting around the earth.
2.  We like the colorful illustrations of the different planets.
3. A spread is devoted to discuss facts about each planet, the sun and the moon.

4. There are also pull-outs for curious minds and little hands, which give more information about a planet, the sun or the moon.
5. There are questions at the end of the page to check if the child remembered any of the facts that he/she read from the book.

6. There is a discussion of basic terms to help kids understand the material presented. There are also additional information for kids who are extra curious like the birth and death of a star and the dwarf planets. Love these because my kids fall under the extra curious category! ;) 

7. Most of all, I'm happy that it's a board book so it's sturdy. Perfect for my boys!
8. Last but not least, it's budget-friendly. It was only P238.50. We bought it at one of National Bookstore's branches.

My kids and I had the following activities after we bought this book: drawing the planets by using coins and other round objects to help them draw circles, coloring the planets, learning a song about the planet and learning more about the earth by studying a globe.
If you are coming to the Manila International Book Fair (which is running from September 17-21) and you want to get a space book for your young kid, I recommend that you check National Book Store's booth to see if this book is available and on sale. (You may read my post about the Manila International Book Fair here. I shared links to free tickets, awesome finds and workshop schedules in this blog post.)
Hope this book helps your child enjoy learning about space!
Have you found other books about space or the solar system that are helpful and interesting? Feel free to share in the comments!


You and your kids can watch free planetarium movies at the 35th MIBF through the Data Science and Technology Corporation booth. They have a special screening of the movie Touching the Edge of the Universe. They have set up a dome near the stage area. Just print this ticket and show it at the booth to have a chance to watch in their booth. The screening schedules are 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM and 5 PM daily until Sunday.  

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