Monday, August 17, 2009

A Glimpse into My Own Bucket List

My husband and I decided to celebrate our second month as a married couple by having dinner at a restaurant we’ve never tried before and watching a movie. We were both glad that we chose to watch Bucket List for it prompted us to have an intimate conversation afterward.

We were still inside the movie house and watching the credits when I started thinking about my own life. I started to ask my self: what do I want to experience before I die?

Then as we walked to the parking lot and to our car, I asked my husband, “What have you experienced so far in your lifetime, which will make you say that you’re ready to die now?”

He paused for a few moments and said, “… that I have made one person’s life better.”

“Do you have a specific person in mind?” I asked.

“Well, of course, it would be very good if that person is you,” he said as he smiled at me. I smiled back. My heart leapt and my spirit soared.

He then asked me to answer my own question.

I paused for a while and answered.

“I want to introduce and bring someone to Christ, help at least one person to have a personal relationship with Him.”

“I want to write something, like a book, that will have a big impact in the lives of people. I want to write something that brings about positive changes in the lives of the people who encounter them.”

“I want to experience loving extravagantly without expecting anything in return.”

“I want to give generously to a good cause.”

“I want to look back at my life and see that I have achieved my goals and dreams.”

“I want to love much and be loved in return.”

“I want to experience having someone take care of me so tenderly and lovingly.”

After enumerating all these, I stopped and shared with my husband my eureka experience.

I shared with him my realization that I have experienced all these already and some of them I even experienced repeatedly. I shared with him briefly how all these were fulfilled.

And before I forget and lose my chance to tell him a very important message, I added, “You were instrumental in the last two. Thank you!”

I shared with him that I feel so blessed to have lived a very full life and to have lived my life in the way I wanted to. It was pure bliss realizing this! I shared with him that there’s nothing more that I would include in my list and that everything else, whatever good and beautiful that I’ll experience in the next days of my life is just bonus.

Realizing that I have said a mouthful, I asked if he still had other things he’d like to be part of his own bucket list.

He said, “I want to experience holding a child, looking into my eyes and adoring me.”

“Have you not experienced this in the past?” I asked.

“I have; but not with my own child. I want to experience that with my own,” he quipped.

That struck me. He needs me to experience that. I could not say a word to him after that. I was asking my self if I’m ready to give him that child.

Then to divert the topic a bit, I asked him if there’s anything more that he wants to experience. To this he replied, “I still have some; but not as important as these two for they’re not about you.”

It was a wonderful day indeed! My husband took pains making me feel special the whole day and without even trying, our day was capped with this heartwarming conversation. What more could I ask for?

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