Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God’s Glory in the Ordinary

“The thing I seek most of all is the privilege of meditating in his Temple, living in his presence every day of my life, delighting in his incomparable perfections and glory.” Psalm 27:4 (LB).

Participating in daily masses and receiving Holy Communion everyday, having Holy Hour at the Blessed Sacrament adoration chapel, attending weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies… oh, those days were glorious! Today, I don’t get to do all those things anymore even if I wanted to. My current circumstances prevent me from the luxury of time to participate in all of them. And yet I do not feel guilty at all; for God has taught me a very valuable lesson: God is as glorious in church as He is in my home.

I was blessed to have experienced God’s loving and powerful presence as I participated in all those activities for many years in the past. But now that I’m a young mother with the responsibility of caring for a newborn child, I’ve recognized that God calls me to a different kind of worship. My daily acts of worship no longer include most of the traditional ways or ways of worship I got used to. But they are acts of worship still. I don’t get to have long prayer times as I used to have when I was still single; but, I do not feel that my friendship with God has become less intense.

What God has taught me in the past months and year is this: every moment of my life can be an act of worship when I offer every moment of it to Him; and, God is as everpresent to me in church, as in my very own home. Having recognized these truths, I find peace and joy loving and worshiping God in a different way now. I still find myself marveling at God’s greatness and glory in the ordinary events of my everyday life. I still find myself in awe of God many times during the day as He manifests His loving and powerful presence in my daily routine as a wife and mother. I may not have pushed through with becoming a Carmelite missionary sister or nun but I’m still living out the Carmelite goal of being a contemplative even in my busy world.


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