Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Newest Fan

I had an amusing experience yesterday. It started in the morning when I played a cd of nursery rhymes for my son, Yanthy. As usual, I clapped, danced and did some hand gestures to act out the lyrics as I sang along in front of my baby who was strapped to his high chair. I was pleasantly surprised when Yanthy clapped after an action song. He seemed to like what he saw Mommy did. I continued to clap, sing and act/dance until we finished listening to the cd and it was time for Yanthy to take a nap. It was amusing and at the same time heartwarming to see Yanthy clap every now and then.

After turning off the stereo, we went inside our bedroom. I usually carry him with his head resting on my shoulder when I put him to sleep. I dance slowly then sing him a slow song until he falls asleep. Yesterday, Yanthy surprised me once more when as I lulled him to sleep, he looked up at me, watched me closely as I sang him a song (one of my compositions), and then smiled at me and clapped profusely. I couldn’t help but laugh and be amused at my discovery… My son, Yanthy, has become my newest fan!

I reminisced how fun it was to perform before both big and small audiences. Then, this insight came to me. The applause from my son brings me greater joy than the applause from other people. I hope and pray that as my son grows older and understands more about life, he would continue to be a fan of Mommy. I hope that his admiration for me would grow as he grows older. I hope that he grows to admire me not just for my talent in the arts; but more so, for the way that I live my life. I hope that when all my skin is wrinkled and my hair is gray, I would still hear my son applaud me and hear him say, “I’m so proud of you, Mommy!”



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