Monday, August 17, 2009

Overwhelmed By God's Surprise

God really likes to surprise me and He goes before me always. I was just thinking of a simple baby shower, a gathering with family and close friends, so that our baby would be surrounded with prayers and good wishes even while inside my womb. So, I prepared paper cut outs of fishes and clouds where guests can write their prayers and wishes respectively after a short time of prayer and worship. But God went the extra mile again! He gave us so much more through friends and family members who helped organize, coordinate and prepare for the event.

I was very glad I decided to push through with it even though I was on bed rest. Just like old times, I consulted God's Word to get confirmation that God wants us to push through with it. I checked the Gospel reading for the chosen date and I was so moved. It was the Gospel wherein Jesus blessed little children (Mt 19:13-15). The reflection also in the Scripture Companion that we use said: "Jesus always has time for little children. He wants to bless them. How much more time would He have for those yet to be born?"

So, as originally planned, George led the prayer and worship by reading the Gospel for the day, we sang songs and our guests wrote prayers and wishes for our baby. They also presented their gifts as a way of welcoming our child.

I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with joy for the love and support we received from friends who helped coordinate and confirm who will attend, prepare the food and drinks, prepare the decors (complete with banner and other trimmings) and hosted the program and games. Our friends even wanted to bring balloons as part of the decor. Unfortunately, I'm afraid of balloons so I told them that the banner is more than enough.

It really meant a lot to me since I'm still on bed rest due to my delicate condition. It was a great joy to see old friends again after a long time of being "bed ridden." The laughter during the games, the extra effort from friends to plan and organize the event and their gifts for our baby are bonuses indeed. God has proven to George and me once more that He only wants the best for us, including our baby. Thanks be to God! And thanks to His angels also who generously brought us God's presence and love.

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