Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walks to Remember

It feels good to be able to do what you have committed to do. I have just finished walking around our compound with Yanthy. After our breakfast, we went outside to take a walk. We greeted everyone good morning as we passed by. We even waved to them. Looks like everyone appreciated our friendly greeting – from our neighbors to the grass, flowers and trees. Then, we saw a butterfly. We waved to the butterfly to say “good morning” as well. And when the butterfly started to fly away from us, we ran after it. After a while, we lost the butterfly. Our attention was caught this time by the birds flying around. Yanthy and I watched them fly around the buildings and the trees. After passing by the bamboo trees, we headed to our clubhouse so we can play in the playground and wading pool as usual.

There were no other kids in the playground this morning unlike yesterday when there was a two-year old little girl. First, we tried the swing; then, Yanthy played with the sand. Later on, he played in the playhouse and slide. While we were at the playground, we noticed an old man sitting nearby. He started to have small talk with me, asking how old Yanthy is and how long we have been living in our condo. We continued talking until we got to talk about attending prayer meetings. He said that he got invited also to attend prayer meetings with the Victory group. I shared with him that we attend prayer meetings at The Kerygma Feast and we can attend either in Valle Verde or Alabang. I mentioned that Bo Sanchez is our leader. Then, he happily shared that he reads Didache and that he also attends the community mass held at our clubhouse every month. I was happy to find that out. He bid us farewell after a few more minutes. I hope we’d see him again tomorrow or in the next mornings that we’d go to the playground so I could encourage him to attend prayer meetings of Catholics like the Kerygma Feast.

After sweating out in the playground, Yanthy and I headed to the wading pool. We dipped our feet in the pool and played there until we got wet with the splashes we made. Actually, Yanthy kept pointing and walking towards the big pool but I did not bring him there. I told him that he will swim in the big pool only when Daddy is with us because Mommy doesn’t know how to swim.

Then, it’s time to go back home because I was starting to feel my stomach grumble. Back in our condo unit, I gave Yanthy a bath and some biscuits afterwards. I was about to prepare him some milk when I noticed Yanthy slumped on his high chair and already asleep.

It’s another great morning of exercising and bonding with my little one. We’ve been doing this in the past two days and I’m looking forward to doing it again tomorrow and maybe on Sunday with my husband so Yanthy can swim in the big pool. I’m happy that I’m able to do my New Year’s resolution of walking at least three times a week and at the same time, making beautiful memories with my son.

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