Monday, March 15, 2010

Yanthy’s Guardian Angel

Yanthy is exactly 17 months old today. How fast time flies! It was just like yesterday when we were watching him learn and take his first few steps inside his crib. He’s such a persevering baby. He kept on trying even without our help sometimes. He seems so eager to walk, run and explore the world around him.

Now that he runs very well, he speeds around the house a lot. I’m almost always on the brink of having a heart attack! He runs so fast without looking at where he’s going sometimes. Watching over him is much like riding a roller coaster with my heart jumping up and down inside my chest. I guess that’s how many little boys are. They’re so active that whoever is watching over them should be physically fit to keep up with them.

My little boy moves so fast. He darts from one place to another and one toy to the next. Last week, he gave me the creeps again. He got the pictures of Jesus from our altar and he kept saying, “Jees... Jees...” He can’t say Jesus yet; only the first syllable. But He is very familiar with Jesus’ pictures and statues. After turning around repeatedly while holding Jesus’ pictures, Yanthy dropped the pictures on the floor and went to his shelves. So I picked up the pictures and placed them back on the altar.

To my surprise, as soon as I turned around to look again for Yanthy, I saw him standing on top (back rest) of our arm chair while holding on and looking out our bedroom window. It was just a split second but he got there right away. I kept myself from reacting because it might excite him more which might cause him to slip and fall from where he’s standing. I walked slowly towards him as if there’s no big deal. Then, I embraced him tightly and brought him down from the arm chair. I told him not to go up there again unless Mom or Dad is right beside him because he might fall and hurt himself. I’m not sure if he understood. I just know that he was happy with his feat and that he enjoyed looking out the window watching the birds fly around the bamboo trees.

He could have gotten off balance. He could have broken an arm or leg or whatever if he had fallen from the chair. Thank God Yanthy was holding tightly at the window, he kept his balance and did not slide. And thank God for guardian angels. I know in my heart that although I do not see with my physical eyes, Yanthy’s guardian angel is watching over him and protecting him. I could no longer count the number of times that Yanthy fell or hit his head but did not seriously get hurt or didn’t get hurt at all. There were also times when we were able to prevent him from hitting the floor after falling from something. Those are heart-stopping moments! And yet, I’m grateful for all those times; for God never left our son’s side by sending him a guardian angel who dutifully protects him. Yanthy’s guardian angel must be so swift to keep up with him. He continues to run with Yanthy even when Yanthy has gone ahead of me or everyone who is watching him. I hope he doesn’t get tired watching over my baby because with Yanthy, he needs to work doubly hard.

I can’t thank God enough for the gift of guardian angels. So today, as we celebrate Yanthy’s gift of life, I celebrate the gift of guardian angels in our lives as well. I hope they don’t get tired guiding, helping and watching over us not only while we’re kids but until we get back home to “Jees.”

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