Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Little Assistant

We went to the grocery last night with Yanthy and just like in the past, he insisted on carrying something with him. So his Daddy gave him his diaper pack. It’s quite heavy for his size because it’s a 52-piece pack. But he eagerly pulled it all the way from the parking lot to our building. His Dad carried it as we went up three flights of stairs. But when we got to our floor, Yanthy took over again and pulled it from the hallway up to our condo unit. It’s so touching to see our baby very eager to assist us not only when we do the grocery but even when we are doing other chores in the house.

He also likes to help unpack the grocery bags and put the purchased items on the shelves. I remember one incident when he placed his things in the kitchen shelf instead of bringing them inside the bedroom. His Dad and I just laughed it off and said that his things looked good in our kitchen shelf but we need to bring them to the bedroom and place them in his shelves.

Another time, I was putting clothes inside the closets after the laundry delivered them to us. Yanthy excitedly got some of our clothes and placed some inside the closet. Since he doesn’t know yet where each type of clothing is placed, I simply thanked him and told him to watch Mommy first. And later on when he’s older and he could remember where things are kept; I would let him assist me.

This morning, while his Dad was getting ready and dressing up for work, Yanthy got a pair of socks from his Dad’s drawer and handed it to his Dad. My husband was very pleased. He encouraged Yanthy by asking Yanthy to get a handkerchief and a face towel also and by teaching him where they are placed inside the drawer. Yanthy happily obeyed and gave the requested items to his Dad. How sweet!

Our son is such a helpful little boy. He lightens our load both literally and figuratively speaking. I hope that he continues to be like that until he grows up to become an adult. Surely, he would capture not just our hearts but the hearts of everyone around him. I’m so proud of our little assistant!


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