Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Precious Moments with Yanthy

Every moment with my son is precious to me but there are instances and moments which are extra precious because they do not always happen... and when they do, I try to capture them through a camera or video. Most of the time though, I can only commit them to my memory.

Today, I had my share once more of precious moments with my son. We played hide and seek and ran around the house, laughing and giggling out loud. Sometimes he would even shout and squeal out of excitement. Then, he asked me to turn on the stereo so we can play some music. I thought he simply wants to dance. So I sat down after turning the stereo on. I was surprised when he was suddenly tugging me from sitting comfortably on the couch. I realized that he wanted me to dance with him. I thought I could take some time to rest... I was wrong. But never mind because I like dancing anyway. I taught him some dance moves. He tried to imitate me but I guess my moves are still quite advance for him. So I just clapped and swayed and stepped sideways every now and then. We were both sweating by the time Yanthy lost interest dancing.

Next, we played with his stacking cups. I noticed that he can now stack six cups consecutively without help. He has grown to control his movements more. I’m so proud of his accomplishment. Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was still guiding him and helping him so that the cups won’t fall? Now, he can do it on his own and he has picked up some speed. Ah! My baby has grown and he’s growing fast!

Later this evening, I tried to put him in his high chair to rest for a while because we’re already sweating. He hugged me tightly and held on to me so I wouldn’t be able to strap him to his chair. Instead of fighting with him, I chose to hug him back and enjoyed the moment.

After we had dinner, he sat on my lap with his feet wrapped around my waist. We were combing his hair when he suddenly gazed at me and started combing my hair as well. I thought that it was sweet. I noticed that Yanthy likes to do to us what we do for him. When I give him bread sticks or biscuits, he offers them to me as well. When I give him a drink, he pauses and tries to share his drink with me or his Dad. He’s such a sweet little boy.

These, and many more -- like cuddling in bed or in the couch, staring into my eyes and saying “Mommy” with a smile, surprising me with a kiss or tickling me especially when I’m lying in bed -- make my days extra special. Tomorrow, we will celebrate my precious one’s 18 month birthday. I’m sure we’d have many more precious moments together celebrating life and the gift of each other.

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