Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prayerful Yanthy

My son never fails to both amuse and amaze me. Today, he amazed me again while we were waiting for our turn at his pediatrician’s clinic. At first, he was just reading out loud all the letters and numbers he could identify while roaming around the clinic. Then, all of a sudden he asked me and our maid to kneel and pray. I hesitated for a while but eventually gave in. I paused for a second and started praying. “Lord, thank you for bringing us safely here in the hospital for Yanthy’s check up. Please make Yanthy well soon. Amen.” We all stood up and I went back to my seat while Yanthy resumed his tour of the clinic.

This was not the first time Yanthy did this. One time he kneeled and prayed while we were at the Office Warehouse Store buying a new computer table. That time he didn’t ask anyone to join him. He simply kneeled in front of the table and the two men who were checking the parts of the computer table we were about to purchase. At that time, he reminded me to thank God for the blessing of a new computer table. The other time was at David’s Salon while his dad was having a haircut. I just had my haircut and it was his Dad’s turn so I stayed with Yanthy at the reception area of the salon. As usual, he was exploring the salon. Then suddenly, he knelt in front of his stroller and put his hands together. I thought he would pray on his own but he decided to ask me to join him so he pulled my hand and said: “Mommy, kneel. Pray.” With a moment’s hesitation again, I decided to kneel beside Yanthy and said a prayer with him. We prayed: “Thank you, Lord, for our chance to have a haircut today and for the opportunity to have family bonding time. Amen.” Then we stood as if nothing extraordinary happened. I took my seat again and Yanthy resumed walking around the reception area and charming the people there.

I usually have mixed emotions whenever Yanthy does that. I feel happy and proud because my boy knows and loves to pray to Jesus. But I also sometimes feel embarrassed. Sometimes, I’m embarrassed to kneel and pray with him in a public place. Most of the time, I’m embarrassed because God had to use Yanthy to remind me to pray a prayer of thanks for a blessing he has just given me or a prayer He has just answered. Today, God reminded me again of a very important lesson through my son: Do not be embarrassed to pray anytime, anywhere.

I guess a lot of people would already consider me prayerful because I pray a number of times during the day – upon waking up, before and after meals, before bed and several times during the day whenever I remember to pray for a specific intention or person. But every time my son asks me to join him as he kneels and prays in public, I feel that I’m being tested. I feel that Jesus is watching me and gently coaxing me to follow my son’s example. Will I be embarrassed to practice my faith? Will I be embarrassed to be identified as Christian? Will I be embarrassed to give thanks for simple blessings?

I thank the Lord for giving me a prayerful son and using him to remind me to be always grateful and to pray unceasingly. Actually, God’s promptings to me to give thanks through Yanthy were very timely. I had been waiting for some time to finally buy a new computer table and to get a haircut then. It was just right that I thank the Lord that He has given me that chance to have those simple prayers answered. And earlier this morning, I was actually silently praying that we’d be safe during our trip to the hospital since we only took the cab going there. I also prayed that Yanthy’s persisting fever was not due to a major illness. When Yanthy asked me to kneel and pray with him at the clinic, God gave me a chance to vocally express what’s in my heart at that time. As I’ve said earlier, I find this experience both amusing and amazing.

And as I end this reflection, I pray that I would not stop being a radical for Jesus and that I would continue to grow in my relationship with God. I pray that I would be bold and confident at all times to live out my faith and be not embarrassed or afraid to be a witness for Christ. Lastly, I pray that my son would continue to be an inspiration to others even as he grows up.

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