Friday, June 15, 2012

Helpful Video to Teach Music Skills

I feel so blessed to be led to very good videos for our homeschool. This is one of them.

This video shows kids (and adults, too) how to play popular children's songs on the xylophone. Even small kids can try to follow. You can use this video to teach kids colors too by using the colors on the xylophone to instruct them what to hit next.
Another reason why I like this video is that it uses a xylophone which is a relatively cheap musical instrument compared to violins and pianos. You can buy xylophones at P100 or less. So, if you don't have a xylophone yet in the house, go and buy one soon so you can bond with your kids making music through it with some help from this video.

This is fun! I'm sure the kids wiil enjoy banging their xylophones while dancing around.

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