Friday, June 15, 2012

Learning Phonics in our Homeschool

I have mentioned in my previous post entitled 3 Daily Activities in our Homeschool that music plays a vital role in our homeschool.  We sing songs, make music using our musical instruments or watch music videos everyday.  My eldest son, Yanthy, learned many concepts including addition and the spelling of his name and that of his baby brother's through song.

Since we noticed that Yanthy is musically-inclined, we consciously integrated music in our teaching methods to make it fun and easy for him.  Thus, teaching him becomes fun for me and my husband as well.

Below is the phonics video that Yanthy loved to watch when he was around two years old.  He learned phonics mainly through this song.  He would play his xylophone while singing with the video and dancing around.  To supplement and test his understanding, I asked him questions or I made up games where I get to ask him about phonics.  We hardly used worksheets for he is more an auditory and kinesthetic learner.  It's hard to keep him still and make him stay in one place.  I used the activity book I bought about phonics as guide in testing his understanding.  Today, at three and a half years old, Yanthy can already read words he is not familiar with through phonics. 

I plan to use this same video when it's time for Mateo (Yanthy's younger brother) to learn phonics. 

Music really helps a lot in teaching small children especially if the child is musically-inclined.  So, I encourage you to try this video.  Your kids might like them too. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this. The Phonics Song is one of our new favorites :)

    1. You're welcome, Mama Mia. :) This blog post is one of my ways of documenting our homeschool adventures. It's also my way of reminding myself of this tool so that I can use it later when my second child is old enough to learn this. :)

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