Monday, July 23, 2012

Activities Inspired by Go, Dog. Go! Book

Go, Dog. Go! is one of my eldest son's favorite books these days.  When I ask him, "What do you want to read now?"  It's his automatic answer lately.  Thus, I chose to draw inspiration from the story in the book while thinking of activities we can do in our homeschool today.

I encouraged him to draw some of the things included in the story.

I asked him to draw a roller skate and scooter by following my lead and instructions.  I encouraged him also to look at the picture in the book more closely.  While doing so, I pointed out the difference between the things that we were trying to draw.

Go by foot.  Go on skates or scooter. 

Then, he decided that he wants to trace his foot and color it too.

Afterwards, he said he wants to draw a car.  So, I gave him verbal instructions and some hand assistance in drawing the outline of the car.  He then drew the tires and the window on his own.  Since he is interested in taxis, I asked him if he wants to put a name on his car just like the taxis we see or ride.  He said yes so I asked him what name he wants to write on his taxi.  As usual, he chose to use his name.  He wrote his name on his own.  Below is a picture of his taxi.

Go by car through Gian Taxi!

We both enjoyed our short and sweet activity today!  I thank God for the inspiration.  I thank Him too that Yanthy enjoyed our time together bonding over reading, tracing, drawing, writing and coloring activity.  I'm looking forward to our next book-inspired activities!

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