Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saying I Love You to Mateo: Another book-inspired activity

My husband was cleaning the bathroom.  Our maid was cooking the pasta.  I was left to care for the kids.

I decided to read a some books to my baby while engaging my eldest son in conversation while he was playing with his building blocks and imagining that he has a car wash and a toll exit.

After reading some animal books, I picked up a book that my mom gave as a gift to my eldest son in the past.  The book's title is Saying I Love You. 

I read it to Mateo with some help from his big brother.

One of my joys today is to see Mateo turn the pages of the board book.  He is already 9 months old today and I'm delighted to see him turn the pages of the book as I read to him.

Since, my eldest son has already shown interest in writing, I asked him after reading the book if he wants to write a letter or greeting to Mateo by writing I LOVE YOU in a paper.  That thrilled him.  He packed away his other toys immediately and proceeded to get his crayons and asked for a paper.

He got the book and declared aloud that he will write "Saying I Love You to Mateo" instead of just "I love you."  I really do not mind.  I was already happy that he showed interest in writing and that this activity did not only spark his interest and enthusiasm to practice writing but also was an opportunity to plant seeds of love and affection between my sons.

And so he began writing with some verbal instructions from me every now and then to remind him that he should try to make his letters of the same height.

I asked him to write the words again at the back of the paper and try to improve his handwriting.  I was impressed that he obeyed.  Then, he asked for another paper and wrote Dada. That's what Mateo calls my husband.  Sometimes, we hear him say "Daddy" too.  I took my cue from there and asked my eldest if he wants to write "I love you" to his Dad as well and draw a heart.  And he did!  He was in a good mood this morning.  He also showed me the heart that he drew.  Impressive writing skills for a 3 year old and impressive behavior today made me one proud and happy mom before lunch.

Happy 9th month, Mateo!  Mommy, Daddy and Kuya Yanthy loves you!

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