Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Activities Inspired by The Three Little Pigs

A few days ago, we started our new art project -- houses for the three little pigs.  I teach my little boy to recycle and reuse materials at home so I thought of making these cute little houses for our pig finger puppets.
Let me share how we did the houses for our pigs:
1. I first got a cereal box and cut it into two using a pair of scissors.
2. I used a cutter to cut windows and doors.
3. I gave my little boy yellow strips of paper and showed him how to cut them.  I told him that will represent the straw for our straw house for one of the pigs.
Our straw house for one of our little pigs.
4. Next, I gave him red paper.  I showed him again how to cut them so that they would look like bricks.  I said that these bricks will form the brick house of one of the pigs.
5. When he was finished cutting the strips of paper, I gave him some glue and asked him to spread them on the boxes.  He then glued the yellow strips of paper first on one of the boxes then the red rectangles or bricks on the next box.
Our unfinished brick house for one of our little pigs.
Since we don't have another empty cereal box, we went to the grocery again this morning and bought a box of cereal.  We also bought popsicle sticks that we will glue to our cereal box.  Tomorrow, we will make a stick house for the other pig.
We already had a lot of fun in the past days and nights playing with our cute little houses.  We are excited to read the story again and play with our little houses and finger puppets tomorrow because by then our houses wll be complete.  


We have just finished our stick house today for one of our pig puppets.  Yanthy chose our colored popsicle sticks for our project today (September 5, 2012).

Yanthy's rainbow colored stick house for one of our pig puppets.

How we made it:

1. I cut the cereal box again in two and cut out the window and door.

2. Yanthy squeezed some glue, spread it on the box and lined up the colored popsicle sticks.

3. I broke some of the sticks to make them shorter.

4. Yanthy glued the smaller sticks to fill in the gaps.

5. Then, we air-dried our stick house.

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