Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Activities Inspired by our Farm Books

Books and stories about the farm are always big hits to my kids.  So today, we had a few farm-related activities.

A peek inside our farm books -- On The Farm and Clifford's Animal Sounds.

First,we cooked hardboiled eggs for breakfast.  Yanthy likes removing the shells from the hardboiled eggs so we allowed him to do it before eating his breakfast with some rice.

We read Cifford's Animals Sounds to Mateo before Yanthy took a bath.

After his bath, Yanthy and I went to the nearby mall where there's a bookstore to buy some materials for our art projects.

We had lunch early then we proceeded with our farm-inspired art activity.  We made chickens out of paper plates and painted them.  I saw this from Mommy and Me Book Club and thought that it would be something that my little boy would love to do.

Let me share how we did it:

1. We cut our paper plates to form the different parts of the chicken.

2. We used the stapler to attach the parts to the chicken's body.

3. Yanthy painted one of the chickens red using a brush.  Then, we add some blue paint on the tail as highlights using our fingers.  We also put yellow paint on the beak. 

Yanthy doing some serious painting.

4.  Since, Yanthy wanted to make a chicken for his baby brother also.  We chose a different color of paint.  We mixed red, yellow and blue to make brown paint.  So, Mateo's chicken is brown and yellow.  We used our fingers this time to paint on Mateo's chicken.

5. After painting and cleaning our hands, we let our chicken art works dry.  (While the kids had their naps.)

6. Our last step was to glue the googly eyes of the chickens on the painted paper plates. 

Yanthy's red hen with blue highlights on its tail.

Before the kids went to bed for their naps, I read to them the book On the Farm and Blue Cow Went Out to Play.  You may click here and here to find another farm-inspired art activity.

Mateo's chicken made by Kuya Yanthy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with our chickens and imitating their sounds and singing "Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck! Good morning, Mrs. Hen!"  We just changed morning into afternoon. :)

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